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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

Do you recognize those words? I truly hope so. I do, though I had to think long and hard about them to recall them from my school days because it has been that long since I thought much about them. I'm not saying I don't think of politics, because I do. To live this day and age and not think of politics I think would be rather impossible. I'm sure some people manage it but I can't imagine it for myself.

Lately, politics keep getting thrown in my face even when I try to not think about them. They surround us at all times and when I try to escape them because there are no easy answers, they break right back into my thoughts, or worse, are forced by others back into my moment.

As I tried to come up with those words, I kept gravitating to the first three. To start, it is the beginning of the preamble. They are the most commonly thought of, and how my memory works is to start at the first part and move through, getting the synapses that laid those words into my longterm memory kick back on in the sequence they were last fired. But second, I think those first three words, are the most important.

WE the People. WE.

Then you have the next four which are the next important. They state who We are.

That is what politics is about, isn't it? I think all of us; especially those that despise politics, think that it is for those people in the state capital, in the town halls and way far away in D.C. We forget, politics are about us. They shape who we are as a people, how others see us as a nation, and how we operate daily on a regular basis. Politics are necessary, but even more important, politics must pertain to us. US. You know, US as in WE the People.

To often now politics don't pertain to us. They are about the wheeling and dealing of politicians filling their wallets. Which in the long run, does affect us. Such political machinations though far from us take food from our children's mouths, remove our options as individuals in our nation, our healthcare, and how we choose to make a living within the economies that surround us.

And once again, I don't have an answer to these problems. Seeing the news this week and watching as our government takes money once again from the programs that serve our ever growing poor population I am filled with misgiving, apprehension towards our future, and anger. Anger towards a congress and senate that are filled with the rich that do not have to worry where their next meal comes from while taking the money that would assist those that do have those fears. And I wonder where this generation of "Me" gets it's ideals? I know I wasn't raised like that. I know that I don't go about my life thinking, "Whatever, I got what I want so screw off". Because I don't go about my life like that I can't help but wonder where this general attitude that our society has, and then I watch our leadership do almost exactly that and think, "That's where it comes from. From the top."

And it dawned on me, there are no easy answers. I can't keep thinking like this. Then I read anothers blog today that called for leadership. They were hoping that Barak Obama would be a leader like JFK. That he would say "Enough" to our out of control party led Senate and Congress. I never had that hope myself. I voted for Obama because I couldn't trust our other options. He wasn't some great new presidential hope for me. I read up on him, I saw where his history had led him and felt that he stuck to his financial roots more than the other options and I could trust the bad decisions he would make more than I could the others. Turns out I was right. His presidency led pretty much where I thought it would. But I take no pride in it. None. Further more, I'm a little ashamed of my thinking. I voted for a man that I felt was the lesser of two evils. And this is not a new activity for me. I've been doing this since I have been able to vote. I haven't powerfully liked a presidential candidate, or candidate for any public office as much as I have powerfully disliked their opposition. EVER. That does have something to do with me. And I accept that, and I accept that I don't think any of them are evil people. They are heavily tempted people that are doing a job that I wouldn't want. The difference between us is that I don't ever want to hold an office. And maybe because of that, I should.

Now, by no means does this mean I am going to run for an office. Because I won't. But maybe that's where we need to start looking for our political leaders. Not the people that are born and bred into it. The ones that go to school to become a politician. The ones that want the power of a public office. We need to look to those that know how to balance a budget. To those that show quiet dignity and lead with a grace that is unknown to them and do not seek the power of the office. Maybe those are the ones that will respect that power, and more importantly the respect the will and wants of the people that wanted them to hold that power. I know a couple people that I would nominate. I think they would be great leaders. I think the political arena would be truly shaken up by them, and I think over a few years they would do a lot of good.

Then we'll boot them the hell out of the office before it goes to their head. No, seriously. Term limits, for all offices. None of this senator for life crap anymore. When you stop holding the people as the most important "Domestic Product" of our nation you are no longer fit for the job.

In all of this, what I am saying is that I am no longer waiting for a leader. I will state my feelings towards politics, loudly, and boldly. I will not be afraid to read deeper and learn more about politics and form my own opinion. And from here on out, I won't vote for the lesser of the evils presented to me. I will simply not vote for any of the lousy choices, or I will write in a candidate that I feel would do a good job, even if I'm the only one who thinks so. In short, I will lead myself. And that's what WE need to do.

WE the People, need to take the politicians by the hand and show them what is important to US. Not to them. They have enough money to get what they need. WE the People, of the United States of America, need to rise to the call that we are putting out there. WE have to be the leader we wish to see, for if we keep waiting we will only get more hucksters and charlatans who do not care about US as the People. When our constitution was written, it was for a simpler time, and a much smaller country. We have grown, and our political arena with us, as well as that original document. Now that technology will let us, it's time to return to a smaller political forum. With us seeking everyday to be aware of what changes they make in our town halls, state capitals and D.C. and how it affects us in our own home towns. And most of all, now that we can we should vote our president in by poplar vote. We can now easily handle the tracking of our votes to do so. Our outdate Electoral College system should left by the way side. You don't want to know what I think should happen with tax reform either... But that is another blog and another rant for another day.

I. I as one of the We. I as a member of the People of our country and saying "Enough". Granted, it's not much. It's just me. It's one tiny vote, in a country where on the national stage, my little vote doesn't count. But maybe with saying this out loud, writing it down, and putting it out there it will make others say it too. And if we get enough of us together saying it, sooner or later someone is going to listen.

With all that said, it's been a long day. I have worked a long 12 hour shift, am tired and rambling. But I needed to get it out there. It's how I am feeling right now, and despite the-reading this to make sure I'm not rambling too much, I feel I am right. For me, I am right. And that's all I can ask for.

Good Night,

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Don't be a dick...

I just had to remind myself of this several times today and I thought perhaps other people have needed this reminder too. I mean, if I've had one of those day, maybe others have too? It's a possibility.

So; Dude, don't be a dick. It's all right to have the thought, just don't say it.

And seriously, if you call a 911 dispatch center and say, "This is probably a stupid question...", it is. And I'm not your kindergarten teacher that will say, "There's no such thing as a stupid question". No, I'm the guy that will say, "There's no such thing as a stupid question, just a bunch of scab eating mouth breathers that ask questions that are pertinent to their own inadequacies."

But that would be called "being a dick", and today we are all about being undick like as possible

Don't be a dick, don't be a dick, don't be a dick, don't be a dick, don't be a sick, don't be a dick, don't be a dick, don't be a sick, don't be a dick, don't be a dick...

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Sins of the Television

Okay, okay, so the television itself does not sin. Mine is just a black rectangular box that sits unused most days. That's right, unused. And many right there think that is a sin. Heck, there are days I think it's a sin. A sin to even have it mostly. Don't' get me wring, there are days that I think to myself, "I could turn on the TV and watch something." There's a movie even sitting by the television that I plugged in a few weeks back and promptly shut off. The movie itself isn't bad. I actually like it as I've seen it before and greatly enjoyed it. Neither the television or the DVD player were offense to me in the act of watching the opening scenes and then shutting it all down and promptly forgetting about it all.

It was just all so... In my way.

"In your way?" I hear people asking now. "Just move it to another wall." I know, that sounds like a simple solution but it is not that kind of in my way. You see, I was working on an intricate lace piece that is sadly to say still on the needles and I couldn't watch the action, follow the story line and keep track of my pattern at the same time. Yeah... That kind of in the way. Since then with the buying of the loom which is to large to even be in the same room, I have found even more reason to not sit in front of the television. AT ALL. That's right. The other day Bob was watching the news and I chose to not take the 45 minutes remaining of the news hour out of my busy day and stay in the room and catch up on world events. I chose to cook dinner and walk the dogs so later I could finish up this.

Which, with all that is happening across the globe, finishing up a scarf that is going to go to a friend for Christmas is much more rewarding and "safe" feeling than watching the news. Can you say "Syria"?

As I text a friend last night, I have no answers for the crisis over there now. I don't want to see our country step in and risk our young soldiers lives again in a foreign war. We our still mourning our losses from the last how many foreign wars? Korea, Vietnam, all the Middle East and Latin American conflicts. And so many of them caused because we felt we had vested interests because we can't keep our fingers out of the politics of other countries. Yet, because of our governmental meddling, I feel like we should offer aid to the people of the region. I can't decided on my own feelings regarding all this so I can't offer an idea of a right movement forward. Because I am so unwilling to spout the truth of my feelings, or willing to take what others say as the truth, I shall NEVER run for public office. No great loss to the world of "civil service" I know. I have no great ego to try to press forward and no that my way is not the best way. It's simply just that, my way.
And because I firmly have, "my way", I find the television proselytizing on how to vote, how to invest for my retirement, which erectile dysfunction medication I should use should I ever need one, or even which toothpaste and choice of fast food will make me a better American very irritating. And I find it a gigantic waste of time. Instead, I choose to knit. I opt to take the time I could be listening to others belch their ideas and fears at me to spin my own yarn while educating myself with a good book or form my own thoughts and fears. Instead of offering up my own numbers into the gallup polls of who watched what prime time shows in what areas of the country I opt to learn to weave my own fabrics while thinking my own way. And I realize that I will never get all the answers this way. I know this simple truth, but I don't want all the answers because I don't ever want to run for president. Heck, I don't even want to have kids to force my opinions down their throat.
But I want to learn. Learn to use my hands. To create something beautiful to my eye, and functional in performing a task such as keeping one warm.

And so far, I'm doing just that. I still don't have an answer for the Middle East, but if the zombie apocalypse happens and all civilizations crumbles, I know that someone will want to keep me alive so I can at least spin them up some wool, and weave or knit them something warm for the winter. Who regrets how they spent their evenings now?

Now that I'm off that little soapbox. Don't mock me, I had to work hard to come up with that soapbox! You know how hard it is to come up with an idea to blog about? I just have some fiber related stuff to share. I know... BORING. I have been working a lot lately. Between training on the new job and working the shifts at the restaurant and volunteering I've been lucky to get a day off a week. So even my fiber related funness is limited.

The first item is the linen and cotton woven scarf I finally got off the loom. It has a little mistake in it but it was only my second weaving project, and I decided to not stick with a safe tabby fabric I've done before. Rather I ran with a twill. The second and third pictures are some Merino and BAmboo blends 40/60% I have been spinning. I think they will be destined for the loom as well. Another Christmas present. Their colors have been making me think of someone so I think that is where they will go.

Then there's the dogs. Shiela is just so old but yet can sleep in the oddest positions.
Dogs... My neck hurts just looking at her. She sleeps a lot lately. She chose not to go on this afternoons walk with the boys and I to the river. It's still miserable hot here so I'm not surprised. It will probably hit 90 and never dropped below 60 last night. If I get home from the dinner shift early and go on a later evening walk she may opt to come. I know she went with Bob and the boys on the early morning one when I was still entertaining thoughts of sleeping in. Needless to say, I didn't. I got up and finished the bobbin of yellows and purples.
I also got this done a bit ago.
It's my Manido Aki fiber form Huckleberry Knits. I am rather proud of it because it's the first time I have ever gotten a 3 ply 400yard yarn out of just 4 oz. Slowly but surely I'm getting better at this thing called spinning.
I noticed today that with the hot weather and sun still, the cottonwoods are losing their leaves yet the new trees are taking advantage of the late energy burst to throw in a few more inches of growth.

Well, I have some things to get done before going to work so I better get to it. Hope you all have a great weekend.