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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Post Christmas Wishes

I know, I know... Post Christmas Wishes? What the heck are those? Well, I kind of figured that the most of you were busy yesterday with family. Oh, and playing with your new gadgets and gizmos. Who wants to check out this blog when you have new toys?!?

Actually, I figured that most of you would be knee deep in family stuff. I realize my kids are easy compared to real kids. The Guy walked them in the morning, then we did a mid-day walk before I dove into getting dinner ready.

Meanwhile you with actual little ones are putting things together, finding batteries for such toys, then stepping on toys, nursing hurt feet and feelings due to stepping on toys, and if you have more than one kid, breaking up fights about toys. I know the cycle. And I'm happy it's your cycle and not mine.

See, these guys just needed a walk. Well, a couple of walk but that was it.

Then you had to feed your horde. Mine just require a scoop or two of food and some affection. So I could focus on feeding just the two of us. And it was oh so good.

So, here it is, the 26th and I'm hoping that all of you had a wonderful Christmas. May you be surrounded by those you love and loved in kind. May the family spats been kept to a minimum, or at least been entertaining enough to be turned into a hilarious Christmas tale of family woe. Just remember, someone out there may write a best seller based on your family dysfunction. That means there's always hope that maybe one of the kids will be able to pay for their own therapy.

And lastly, may you have had a white Christmas. We sure didn't. But it was sunny and there wasn't a pond in our foot yard like last year. It's all about the little blessings.

Yes, that's a hand knit star on my tree. Shush it.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Wobbling Towards the Light

I hope you all celebrated the Solstice with a sunbeam to lay in,

Not that we did today. Today it rained. That's right. Rained. Relentlessly. We are going to have another Christmas with a pond in the front yard. But, just like the dark, the rain is needed. As is snow, why can't I have snow?!? Ahhh, perhaps next week. So, today as the earth wobbles on it's axis and starts the long slow tilt back towards the sun with it's northern hemisphere I hope you, like Emmitt there on Sunday, found a touch of warm light to bask in. That't the true meaning of Christmas if you ask me.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Bad Friend

I just realized I missed a big event in a friends life today. Not only have I rarely been putting up my blog posts but I've rarely been reading them and I looked right over one that happened a month ago. My friend lost one oh her beloved animals. I know that feeling, that hole in ones life. Friends help fill that void and I fear I didn't. I was completely oblivious to the loss.

For those of you who may have met Rio Catalina, or just know her through my association and references to Betsy's blog, I thought I'd share the news here today of her passing to any who had not been aware of it. (Click here for Betsy's Blog post) She was a wonderful girl. Big, lovable, and a comfort to be around.

I'm so sorry Betsy. For the pain of making such a decision, to the heartbreak of following through, and for that constant hole you feel for so long after saying goodbye to one of our loved ones, no matter who or what they are.


Sunday, December 6, 2015

Walking in the Woods

It's been a busy week here.

Between walk in the rain and sun, I've gotten a couple things done.

Including the guys Christmas present.

He wanted a hat. So meet the hat. It's a wonderful Superfine Alpaca, Donegal, and Linen blend. Ooh so soft and I hope, oh so warm. He's kind of wearing it funny there, I'm going to make hime pose with it again soon and wrap up the writing down of it and post a pattern for those interested in such things.

Today it was almost the perfect temperature for walking in the woods.

But as you can see from some of the earlier pics from the week, not so much.

Which Mr. Fluffy Butt wasn't so crazy about, as you can see. He hates the rain, even before it made him smell like skunk again.

the beasties just got their baths again today.

Cat and all three dogs all smelling wonderfully fresh. Yay! I was loving trying to get pictures of these delicate trees and their drops of water hanging from them.

I couldn't tell until I went around if this was just a little leaf jam or something more purposeful in this stream.

Looks like the beginning of a beaver dam with leaves piling up. He has a good pond starting to form. As there is a neighborhood just through those trees I'm assuming this will be cleared out and the beaver trapped soon.

People never like when nature runs wild on them... Just as Ted Stevens.

Though, to be honest this isn't truly a very wild spot. Just another little "nature preserve" on the edge of town surrounded by neighborhoods.

I thought this tree might be porcupine damage with what looked like shaved off bark.

There was a couple of downed trees in the area with the look.

Then I fond this one, still standing and apparently healthy and fine. Just a different kind of tree I guess.

I like how cloudy days make some colors pop, while sunlight plays differently with other colors.

Though this was just a wet day with rain coming down regularly in intervals through out it.

Just as we were getting back to the car to head to the grocery store for dinner makings, the skies darkened further to usher in a new session of rain.

But it was still a wonderful walk and it led to a delicious dinner like this. Turkey Pot Pie! Gotta use up those left overs after all. I let it stay in for a few minutes to long. It happens.

It was still delicious.

The following day we had home grilled burgers, soycatash and beet salad. Mmhm.

It too was damp day and after our walks I snuggled at home with the kids and introduced Midge to her first round of cat nip.

Oh, and the fireplace. I think stoner kitty likes fire. Hide the matches!

I had actually done two runs into to town starting with my cars oil change at 700 in the morning and unfortunately spotted a cat tree when I was at petsmart with the dogs that was a reasonable price. I was irritated as my little Kia Soul can't hold three dogs and the tree so I left it and made a comment to The Guy about it.

He got it on his way home. I think she appreciates it. What do you think? You like that smile? She was actually yawning when I got the shot. I can't wait to see her pounce on one of the dogs from the top of it. You know it's going to happen.

Friday was Ada's bridge lighting. I snapped this after work on Saturday. For some reason I can't remember any such display last year though I worked right down the street from it last year too. Hmmm.

Okay, have to go and deal with tonights dinner and call my Mom as she doesn't bother to read the blog... Some people's parents.