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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lack of Patience and Apologies

It's one of those days. I wouldn't have even walked the dogs when I got home from work due to feeling my patience fraying at the edges. And not at just one thing, but everything. And everything includes me. Mainly, for being out of patience... It's a vicious and absolutely ridiculous cycle but yet, no less real. And secondly, I've misplaced my little PHD (push here dummy) digital camera and damn if I know where to find it. Irritated at other people just for breathing in general and being in my way. Irritated with google docs for not playing nice to share my patterns (that's where the apologies come from too). Basically, it's just a day where I recognize that perhaps I should close all the curtains, turn on the sound of a thunderstorm, thank my lucky stars that last night was my last night at work for the week, and get some sleep. Do I do this? No... I walk the dogs, search for missing camera, use other camera to get last needed pictures for the next pattern and here I am fighting with google docs. I didn't say I was logical, I said I was out of patience, irritable, and generally ill humored today. Logic doesn't play a part in this at all. Come on, you know these kinds of days. None of us are Vulcan, and we all fall prey to it. Well, today is my day to do just that.

I promise, I won't whine. I am simply here to post pictures of the Kelp Grove scarf and get the pattern up. I pray, that it works and people can use it appropriately. And if they can't view it or utilize it, then I apologize and if you REALLY want it and can't see it, shoot me an email and I will email you the original PDF. So so so sorry. Try refreshing your page first! I've had some success there.

If this keeps up, I may even look at talking to a computer person and seeing what there is out there to host my own web page/blog with document sharing capabilities. Perhaps... I may have to be really at my wits end for such an endeavor and perhaps a little more prolific in writing down the craziness I create with the fiber. Dreams are good to have, right? Did I mention the lack of logic? Perhaps it may even cross over into purely delusional..

So... Are you ready for this?
If so, here is the pattern.

Please let me know if you see any huge glaring mistakes. Or even little ones. I am dyslexic and I try, I truly do. I swear it all makes sense in my head.

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