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Friday, March 30, 2012

Surliness, Plain Ol' Surliness

That's me this morning I've decided. After a once again unsatisfactory nights sleep, I'm up. And it's not a good thing. As the cop that pulled me over yesterday, I'm not feeling like a very nice person in the least. This happens when I get tired. It's like all filters go down and I only have mean nasty thoughts and therefore, mean nasty things to say. My temper gets shor... oh hell, it doesn't even exist.

After the monster pooch being here, and then Bob out of town during my work week (I work 12hr night shifts) and dealing with my own dogs needs, I just haven't managed to sleep more than a couple hours at a time (read 2-3 hrs/day here). Thank god my kids are just four legged ones. I don't know how parents do it. But this morning, Bob is home, and has walked the critters who so desperately missed the nice parent who lets them run amok. I, being up at three thirty this morning, spun just enough to frustrate myself. Well, the plying process was frustrating me. Then, as they exited the house for their morning stretching of the legs, jumped in the shower and then went on a mad cleaning spree.

So here I sit, at ten in the morning wishing it were ten in the evening with freshly scrubbed floors and toilets, grilled chicken for the Sullivan dog and dishes washed. We won't mention me chasing Bob and the muttley crew out of the house while brandishing a mop when they came back to early for me to finish floors without their "assistance". I really am no fun today and am dreading going out in public later because I know I'm not in the mood for general public exposure. Officer Crossen, let's not revisit yesterday please.

Despite it being a sleepless couple of weeks, I have been productive.

Sally got her hat, the shawlette was finished, I got the cable hat done and just need to finish the pattern, and I got past the heels on the socks despite myself.
Sorry, it's a crappy IPod pic.

These were originally going to be for me, but have since decided I'm done looking at the things and have decided to give them to my sister-in-law for Christmas, which means I have officially started Christmas knitting. Scary.

Let's hope that I can keep up the momentum to attack organizing the stash and cleaning downstairs in a manner to get rid of some more unneeded items this spring.

I hope you all slept better than I, and you have a wonderful weekend. When I get the hat pattern done I'll share it on here.

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  1. Hope it gets better, my friend, and that you can catch up on your sleep. Take care - Joe