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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

You Know What That's Like...

You know that feeling. You were just pointing out what seemed like simple facts, then as if there's an echo it returns to your ears. And then that "oh $H!&" feeling takes a hold. This last weekend at the knitting retreat, surrounded by a bunch of gay guys, I gave up trying to keep such phrasings from coming out and just ran with it.

And how was the retreat you may ask? Wonderful. I got one knitting goal done, and three singles for the newest yarn that is currently hanging to dry after it's bath downstairs. I was able to ply it up yesterday morning.

This morning however, I couldn't force myself back to my knitting goals. It's been too long since I spun anything and the wheel won't give it's hold on me up yet. So I started working on a little braid of merino, alpaca, nylon, and silk mix just for fun. I'm thinking I'll have a nice little hank of sock yarn soon. I did continue workingman that little bit of scarf you see there next to my three bobbins. Someday it will be an actual scarf!

This little guy was on the from t porch steps when I got home one day. Very pretty.

So, I told you it's been a crazy month here. I quit the pharmacy. It just became too much in a couple different ways and the most healthy thing to do was to see what my options were. Right now I'm at the yarn store only, and I'm loving it. I've actually had 2 days off in a row! Wow.

Then a couple weeks ago on my way home from the morning dog walk I hit a deer. I know, it still makes me a bit sick thinking about it. Luckily I, nor the boys were hurt. The deer that I thought was done for actually ended up getting back up and hopping away into the woods with it's tail up and flashing white, though she was only on three legs. I'm still hoping that fourth leg was okay in the end. As you can see from the picture, the car isn't to badly damaged. I dropped it off yesterday to get repaired. Fingers crossed that whatever is wrong with the battery will be found out and fixed too.

And before that, while the guy was out for a dog walk they ran into a skunk. Yep, they were skunked. Tucker got it the worse. He actually had the thick gunk in his fur and of course being the fluffiest of the dogs, he stunk for weeks. Well, not stunk. He just had a bit of odor le'weasel on his head and face, especially if he got wet. There wasn't a lot we could do as it was on the skin around his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. It just had to break down and dissipate with time.

Because of that he wasn't able to go into the store with me at all for a few weeks. Sullivan being a shy boy goes, but normally only on short days as he just doesn't take to all the activity. See that mope!?!

Our fall colors weren't very spectacular this year. I even tried running down to Saugatuck since I hadn't been there yet and to see what the colors were like closer to the lake. They weren't that great there either. The trees went in stages this year. The reds were early and were off the trees by the time yellows and golds turned. The oaks stayed green even then and now are just drab brown and most everything is down off the trees. I noticed how bare the trees were when I was on my way home from the retreat this last Sunday.

But we did get to walk on the water and have a nice jaunt around the town. Saugatuck is a very pretty little community and as it seems most pretty little coastal town are, is home to many artists.

All Hallows Eve is pretty quiet out here in the country so I spent the evening at work with a little party of knitters. Much chat, food, wine, and fun was had by all.

I miss the Trick or Treaters, but not enough to want to live in a big city. Maybe enough to live in one of the small towns but I like where we're at.

Though living out here and being on our own well we also discovered a draw back. Last year the water heater was replaced and suddenly in October our hot water started to smell vaguely of sulphur. Then not so vaguely. Then it got to the point where you nor the dished felt clean after a scrubbing and the house was starting smell of it. When my friend Matthew asked if he could crash here before the retreat I realized I really wanted to get this fixed.

I know, that sounds expensive, but after just a bit of re-plumbing to allow us access to the hot water heaters tank, it was quite easy. Jut one bottle of hydrogen peroxide and some time. No more stink of sulphur until next time.

Like I said, we've been a bit busy. But I've been enjoying the time home. The time with the boys, and the guy. The time to just be a bit.

And obviously blogging hasn't been high on that list. But I'm still trying to keep it up guys. Thanks for the reminder emails, and the wondering where I've been. It's all encouragement to get on the computer and get something written.

We can all use encouragement, no? These pictures are encouraging me to get up off the bum and walk the boys while The Guy finishes up the new hen house for the winter. Gotta keep those girls warm so they keep laying us eggs!

One of the other things that has kept me from blogging has been negativity. Mine in particular. What causes it? Mainly,w watching the frigg'n news. I know, why do I do that to myself? It's not so much the local news, it's the national news.

Everyday the sheer amount of stupidity, finger pointing, lack of accepting responsibility for our actions, and complete lack of respect or even caring about ones neighbors and worse, ourselves gets me down. Leaves me feeling like trying to write a light and funny blog post is the last thing I want to do. But perhaps, I should. It might make me feel better.

Maybe that needs to be a challenge to myself as we head into the winter months as it seems when we're huddled against the cold, it's even harder to find laughter and light.

I'll see what I can do on that note. But for now, I need to wrap this post up and really, get the kids out.

See, they're begging to go. Maybe I'll take the little one too? She's been spay this last month and could probably use the outing as much as the boys.

To bad she doesn't enjoy as much as I'd hoped for. But oh, she still loves to try to run out the back door when her boys go out without her.

Speaking of the boys, this one doesn't appear to be too upset about being caught on the pillows, does he?

Of course, this bed belongs to this one, and he knows it.

What, you don't want me sleeping on the blanket? Allergies smallergies.


All these pictures of leaves, leaves, leaves. So heres a video too. I tried playing with he slo-mo action on my phone. It took way more time than it probably should have for me to pull it together. Some people are so not tech savvy.

Oh, and I finally wrapped up that little shawl lI was making out of my handspan yarn! Ooooh, pretty.

Of course I had run into a little problem on one of the eyelet rows and decided that I just wasn't that worried about it. I had thought I had possibly dropped a stitch and searched and searched and then just decided I must have missed a yarn over and in the grand scheme of things, that isn't something I'm going got lose sleep over. When I took it into to show off at the halloween party, Lisa had it in her hand for 30 seconds flat and said, "Oh no Q, You dropped a stitch!" Go figure. I was lucky as I had blocked it somewhat aggressively and it didn't ladder down and now it's been caught and taken care of, so yay!

Oh, and when trying to find that new Adele video everyone's been crying about, I found this version, and can you say "Wow?" What a voice this little girl has. Maybe I need to just spend more time on youtube with awesome singers and watching Ellen clips to feel positive enough for blog clips that add to the smiles across the internet, no?

Oh, and I found this guy while cleaning windows. He made me feel happy. But then, I like nifty not bitey bugs. They rank right up there with frogs and snakes. The spiders I cleaned out of the house seem to be laying low. I just had to take care of it when I could find 4 on the ceiling of the bedroom. It was time for a clean sweep. Literally.

 So, time to leave you, and it's only fittingI leave you with one last leaf. Look, that was two posts for November, and if you scoff at that, it was two more than there were in October.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I Guess October Was a Bust

Oh did I miss to blog for the entire month of October? Seriously? And I have already run out of time today to do what I wanted.

But I wanted to pop on in and let everyone know that we're okay. Good even. It was just a busy month and I have stories to tell but it's going to have to wait until after the retreat this weekend. But we're all alive and well, even if just slow to move some days...

Talk to you all later.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

So completely lazy of me

This blog post anyway. Well not really because I am not doing a real blog post because I have some socks to get done knitting dang it! But I though complete and utter radio silence was very unfair of me.

So I give you a beautiful picture from APOD of last weeks eclipse, and a video. A video that made me laugh so hard. It's kind of gross, and a very cruel trick to play on your friends, but this is one of those pranks that I think is actually very clever. I get kind of irritated when you see pranks that are meant to hurt someone. I always think, "And this is who you call your friends?" when I see them. But this one, is just funny and though a bit gross for the person who is being pranked, no one is hurt in any way. Just a bit disgusted and pissed until they find out what it all really is.

Now excuse me, I have to go knit. Oh, and don't watch any of the recommended videos it try's two send you to. They really will be gross. Just stop here where it's still mostly funny.

Monday, September 28, 2015

It wasn't funny. Well, it wasn't yet.

We've all had those moments, and like my good friend Katie once said to her son while overlooking the destruction that once was her inherited mink coat, "It will be funny, but not yet." That is how I felt after knitting away Saturday night, then was well into my knit time on Sunday morning when I realized what you see above. I had two, yes count them, two left handed fingerless mitts.  FFFFFFffff&&&&&&#######KKKKKK!!!

I hate to admit this, but yes Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, I threw my knitting. Then The Guy pipes up with, "You can just knit two right hands, right?" as he soothed worried and nervous dogs. To which I replied that I didn't have enough yarn. Do you think  Gerry Fleck's sister had two left hands? No? Well Sh!t.

After I went and calmed down, and no there was no alcohol consumed. No knitting or craft problem has ever gotten better with increased alcohol consumption. Hell, the only problems I can think of that are improved with alcohol consumption are crisis's of guilt. Until the following day that is.
anyway, back on track, after I calmed down I tore back and fixed the issue and finished them up late last night. I hope your daughter likes them Sue. Don't tell her about the naughty language karma involved. She has children to raised with as few emotional scars as possible.

And I knit last night vainly hoping our sky would clear so I could get pictures of the lunar eclipse. See that picture right there? That's about as good as it got, let me tell you.

It's been a clear beautiful week here in the evenings. This was the night before the eclipses view. Gorgeous! Look at that rising moon and those colors! But not last night. Last night we had this.

***Blurgh*** That was when I first started to get set up with the big camera and I snapped that pic to send out to local friends on my phone to remind them of the excitement of the eclipse!

The excitement that we wouldn't see in about 5 minutes.

I was able to snap a few pictures as clouds scuttled by. But refocussing as the moon moved up in the sky became impossible because I didn't have the time to locate it in the frame and focus i the little windows of fast moving clouds.

And then it became a smaller target.

And then pointless. How did you all do? There wasn't even any of the red umbra look because that was being filtered out by the clouds. It was very depressing.

Image Credit & Copyright: Yuichi Takasaka / TWAN / from APOD's homepage
at least APOD got some good views to enjoy this morning.

So, lets talk about knitting. I have been suffering from startitis this week. Startitis you ask? Read here to discover what that is. I normally only ever allow myself to have three projects on the needles at any one time to assure things get done. I am now at 6 items, even counting those fingerless mitts that came off the needles yesterday. I am hoping however that those mitts start another pattern of me having some finishitis to wrap these items all up. I doubt that will occur but it's a pretty thought, right?  I now have the above seen linen stitch scarf, a pretty little shawl that you can find a pattern for here, pair of socks I'm just winging, a pair of socks that I can't release any information on until later, the faux paws, and a baby sweater that is still trying to learn how to have a hood grow out of it's neck line. And maybe someday I'll actually knit my sweater. Someday... Okay, so that's seven items. That just made me feel a little worse.

And no my Anonymous Heather and Jen, I still don't feel bad about making up my own patterns!

So, now that I'm suffering knitting anxiety I'll address a bit before bed, let's return to weather. I don't know if you all have noticed (as I do a little jig of happiness), but autumn is arriving.

Which means cooler temps, and more need of finished knitting items. Trust me, people look at you funny if you walk around with needles still in the items you're wearing to stay warm.

With the cooler temperatures I'm seeing more and more of these orb type of spiders webs. We have one at the end of our driveway even. A couple weeks ago there was one in the grass at the library that caught my eye because the spider that was making it was so big I could see the movement from about 20 feet away. Anyone know what these guys are? They're kind of cool as long as they stay outta the house.

With the return of cooler weather too, comes the return of more baked goods. I made the Smitten Kitchens sour cream and chocolate chip cinnamon coffee cake Sunday morning for breakfast. Very good despite some "I'm to tired to red directions carefully" mistakes. More dessert than breakfast though. That's not a complaint at all. I swear. I think I need a piece... I'll be right back.

But before we dive to far into fall, let's have a review of some of summers bounty. Dust bathing chickens anyone?

Garden Shots.

Katydids in the ornamental grass! I love all singing insects, I swear. Right now I'm listening to them sing and the screech owls make their funny little neighs. Last night there was an owl hooting as we watched for the eclipse. Now I need to find whippoorwills...

Full pear trees.

And early morning mists letting us know it was going to be another warm one.

All right everyone, I worked an 11 hour day and I'm getting tired so I'm shutting down. I'll leave you with the kids here and hope you have a great night.

Yes, yes that is my knitting bag the wee heathen is sleeping on. What a bitch.