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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

More of the Beastie Update

How's everyone tonight? I had a lovely arthrogram today of my shoulder and I'm trying to ignore the soreness at this moment so I'm throwing up some more pictures.

I thought I'd share my recent hiking pictures. A couple three weekends ago when I was nursing this ridiculous shoulder shortly after the latest injury we took a drive up Bridger Canyon. Found the boyo some snow to play in. He's going to be like our other silly winter dogs, particularly Tucker. You can see how much he loves it.

We found ourselves a nice little trail though muddy and wet at Battle Ridge. Certainly can tell that though we're back west, it's more wet than the Casper area was by all the undergrowth and moss present.

Was able to get even the little one to sit still long enough for a "family pic" here. We ran into some more snow in areas and rain at lower elevation. There was good reason for the mud.

It was pretty even without my handsome boys in the shot.

Then for my birthday I started the day off with a wonderful little walk. I purposefully left the old guys at home as I had bigger plans for them later in the day.

It was a pretty morning with fog and sun. Nothing prettier than a touch of fog; better yet, frozen fog on things.

Including on little boys whiskered faces.

Later in the day we headed up Drinking Horse on a whole family hike. Well, not a whole family, The Guy had to work. It was my regularly scheduled day off, I didn't ask for it off. Promise. I love this fun little bridge on the trail.

Also at the bottom of the trail I snapped this picture. You can't see the Northern Flicker that's on the pole, but I thought the sun glinting in the glass insulators was kind of pretty.

Though the older boys were upset to be left home in the morning, they were happy to go on the hike. Big hike days always seem to be leaving these guys stiff as of late. Poor old guys.

This is at one of the overlooks, looking back West over Bozeman.

And I talked them into another family photo at the first benches.

We also learned at the top that I suck at selfies, which is okay as I never loved having my own photo taken. Don't ask me what Ă“engus is up to, he's a puppy. He also has an annoying habit of showing his belly whenever you need him to do something.

 Almost to the top!

Practically at the top here, looking down and to the east from Bozeman up Bridger Canyon.

On the way down I slowed down to look at the flowers.

I love watching the spring flowers coming out. I need to get some shots of the pretty little pink aster like ones that came up in the lawn. They're probably weeds, but they are pretty for now. I did figure out we have some hounds tongue and dug that out this last weekend.

This is that bridge on the way back. This side shows the funky roof line better. To bad the shots blurry, I hadn't noticed that until now. In the parking lot the little one did that whole roll on his back again... in the muddy parking lot. So we stopped for a quick bath on the way home.

And then had to dry off like the big dogs do. Pure silly joy. Time to take some ibuprofen, you all have a great night.

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