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Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Touch of Fall in the Spring (an actual post!)

No more whining about the cold, I promise. I don't know why I came on here to whine when in real life I'm not a whiner when sick. I'm one of those people who want to be left alone to sleep and recover on my own. So enough of that crap!

While I was down I did make myself do some quiet spinning and was able to get the spinning project that would never end done! I turned all that lovely super wash/merino/silk blend orange fiber into 6 long spun out singles then plyed them with my new bulky plyer into this.
That's 1600yards(680gms) of wonderfully soft terra cotta colored fine sport weight yarn, even after washing and setting the spin. Now I just have to knit it, which will begin today. I will try not to whine too much about that either.
While spinning on this project I found it ironic that I'm listening to the Mars Trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson. They kept going on about reds and oranges, and here I was working this fiber. I have found it a wonderful work of Science Fiction that is amazingly captivating despite the length and depth of detail he goes into from everyday life to politics and true actual "Science". If you are a science fiction buff and like me haven't dove into this work before now, I recommend it. I like the occasional science fiction myself and always meant to read this ever since I saw an interview years and years ago of the author.

But, back to plying... I bought the bulky plyer a couple months ago for my wheel in the hopes that it would make my life easier for this project, and while it did in fact let me ply the entire project on just two bobbins, I didn't find it very fun to work on. There's a lag in the take up that though I was able to get to a workable level I was never able to eliminate, and I have to sway, it barely fits on my wheel. I thought it would be something that would stay on my wheel long term but have found I have already removed it so I could work a lace weight yarn without it yanking it apart with it's strange pulsing. With all that said, it was a blessing to have for plying this much yarn.

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