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Friday, March 15, 2013

Productivity Despite the Runny Nose

Yesterday was one of those get up early and wipe out your ToDo List so you can do what you really want. Even though that doesn't sound like a lot of fun, I have to say I enjoyed it on a certain level because I haven't been able to have one of those days. I swear as I age my body just wasn't bouncing back from night shifts and after three years of them, I think I'm finally coming back around. So after getting up and scarfing down some yogurt and fresh kiwi the dogs and I hit the trail for a walk, ran by the county offices to get new tags before I came home, wiped out a pattern I was needing to finish writing for tomorrow's class, took the cable box back to the cable company (I'm making an effort to be positive so we'll leave it at we don't watch it enough to okay the expense), got the apple tv functioning before heading out to get my taxes taken care of and go to knit night. Oh, and I hit the bank. We can't forget that before having dinner with friends to boot.

The whole time all this was happening I was ignoring the dragging feeling, and the sore throat I woke up with just telling myself it was spring weather so I was experiencing higher than normal allergy levels. Ha, I wish. AS the dinner drug on I realized it was indeed the dreaded spring cold, then I stupidly took Sudaphrine before bed. Does anyone else suffer from Sudaphed dreams? I always have and last nights were doozy's. Despite it all I was up at seven to finish off the 5th of 6 singles of the persimmon I've been working on for my big spinning project.
The tea didn't help as much as I hoped so I downed more Sudaphed before hitting the trail with the guy and dogs, and the home show where I repeated the congestion meds and threw in some anti-imflammatories before tearing out the last of the carpet in the upstairs. Now, all you allergy suffers, I can hear you groaning right now, and you are right. It was stupid with an already stuffy head, to tear out carpet but I'm sure in the long run it will be a wonderful help to have it gone.
So, tonight I sit here with my cup of tea and my spinning wheel and am going to work on getting the sixth and final single spun so possibly next weekend I can ply some yarn and start knitting on this project. Fingers crossed. Well, not actually because I also have the kleenex near by and it's hard to blow your nose with crossed fingers, much less spin.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and get something you've been wanting off the ToDo list firmly checked off.


  1. I missed you at the shop today. Take care of yourself and get well soon, my friend.

  2. I love that you're spinning for that stole. As I've been having a hankering to knit larger projects without having the money to buy larger-project yarn, I've been faced with the possibility of spinning up some of that fiber I have shoved into bins and forgotten...

    1. No yarn budget?!? The horror. Spin away my friend.