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Monday, March 4, 2013

No Excuses This Time Around

Just my shear laziness or lack of desire to be online this last week kept me from making a blog post. This morning however as I spun out the 4th of 6 singles of my rusty pumpkin orange merino mix I had the strange feeling of the irony of the color I was working with and the book I was listening to having a strange appropriateness for one another. I'm listening to Green Mars which is the second book after Red Mars in the Mars trilogy. It was during a part where a newcomer to the planet was describing the depth of reds and oranges to the landscape that it made me smile. That somehow led me to walking the dogs out in the wind then turning my mind to blogging.

Which, having worked 8 straight days, 5 of them including double shifts I was a bit worn out and quite grumpy so maybe it was better that I wait until I felt relaxed and inspired to write. Otherwise my surliness would have carried over and I would have sounded either rude, cranky or just downright whiny which I always hate sounding. Well, I'm okay with coming across rude at times. It has its time and place, such as the other night when someone pushed me right over the edge (it was my eighth day working and the 3rd double in a row) which I then felt bad for and apologized which upon later reflection mitigated the fact that I think what I said was very true and to the point. Dang the polite guilt ridden part of my brain! Two days later I was rude when perhaps it wasn't so called for and I probably should go back and apologize to the poor clerk at KMart who is probably just socially challenged (he's obviously bathing challenged) and trying to be talkative to customers. Then again, it got me checked out promptly and on my way...

I'm not one that holds other peoples fashion senses against them since I'm not the fashionable sort. As long as you look somewhat appropriate and have all necessary pieces and parts covered I don't say much. If you're comfortable with your clothing, why shouldn't I be? But I do have a thing for cleanliness. And I'm not talking your clothes though that helps, but hey, they get dirty and if you've been working hard all day you might be a bit grubby. But this guy hadn't showered that day obviously, had greasy hair that was actually leaking over to his skin (I know some people had VERY grease productive scalps and can get past this) which was starting to smell like a little kids snow suit come April in Alaska after being heavily used all winter without a washing. That, his general unkemptness and then the dirty hands. Filthy, wore in dirt around the nails, finger prints and creases of his knuckles dirt. Not the "I've handled cash today and haven't been to the bathroom" kind of dirt but the I don't bathe or believe in washing my hands after toileting hands... You got the picture of dirty I'm talking about? Well, I went to KMart to look for a matching piece of furniture to the last thing I bought there over a year ago. I know, stop laughing, it was a ridiculous thought but I had to try. Upon not finding it I was leaving when I noticed a sale; on ironically, Neutrogena cleaning products that was a heck of a deal and I decided to refill. Upon checkout I was given the third degree as to why I don't have a rewards card. When I explained that I hadn't been there in over a year, I was informed that I should come more often because they are so much better to shop at than all the other places and he personally loves to come there. When what should have taken two minutes to run the handful of items I had and for me to use my card had taken more than 5 due to this little interrogation I couldn't help but respond to his last line by stating, "And being just like you is one of my goals hence why I'm buying personal hygiene products." with a completely straight face. Nothing else was said while he finally scanned my last purchase and I left with a curt "Thank you." Like I said, I've been a little churlish and probably didn't need to be spouting online. As I stated, I went over the top as I usually do and should make myself a list and go to KMart in hopes of seeing this guy and apologizing. Maybe even this blog post is a sort of out in the general public apology since I doubt I'll be going back to KMart before the years out again.

Anyway, here in Casper we've again had precipitation while on this side of the Rockies is a small miracle made even smaller by the size of said precipitation but we'll take what we can get. I just hope we get more so fire season is a little less expansive this year. This morning though we got a dusting of snow is windy. I even cut the dog walk short due to the northerly bitter wind that made what we did do kinda miserable. I will dress warmer for the next walk. But for now, I'm going to continue spinning and hope that sometime this year I may be able to start knitting this project. Oh, and I got more fiber club today!!!

Have a great week guys.

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  1. I had that sort of day yesterday. Had to return something to Sears (last time I'm ever in that store) and was rather surley to the clerk. Of course it did not help when I called to cancel the Sears credit card the person on the other end of the line asked how I was. "Oh, I've had better days" was my response. Her answer: "That is good to hear." Really?! You're thrilled I'm having a shitty day?! Enjoy the spinning! Miss seeing you all!