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Thursday, March 7, 2013

I'm So Happy!

Even with the early hour and lack of sleep. I was surfing the Internet in the wee hours and found out that one of my favorite bands of all time are back together! I may just have to hit the road to go see The Duhks perform somewhere. I have seen these guys perform three times and each time they have been amazing, if any of you get the chance check them out.

Their first three albums are all an amazing eclectic mix of music styles. The fourth I can't rave about simply because I never loved it as much as the other three. They had a new vocalist that just never sang to my soul like Jesse did. I found out about these guys after a successful job interview that I took  myself to a movie to celebrate after. You know that movie theater station a lot of theaters listen to before the start of the movie? Well this particular theater had some really cool jazzy tunes playing and I learned of these guys and a British songstress by the name of Judith Owens, another wonderful singer. Afterward I went to one of our local music stores to pick up some albums, this was before iTunes during the piracy days of Napster if that doesn't date me to badly, and found that the Duhks were actually coming to town that month. I ran downtown bought tickets and have never looked back baby.  The sad thing is, I couldn't tell you what movie I had gone to see that day. The music made more of an impression than the movie did.

Anyway, I better get kids out so I can spin today. I'm on the fifth single of my big spinning project. That means i have this one and one more to spin before I can ply and start knitting. On the topic of spinning I won a $20.00 credit from Huckleberry Knits this week! I already have a request in for some lovely fiber called Autumn Tidepool but I need to wrap this up then I have this months fiber flub to get spun up.

Have a great day, I'm going to.

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