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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

An Update, Finally!

So sorry. This last weekend we headed to Yellowstone and Bridger-Teton National Parks to meet my friend Stefani whom I haven't seen in years. I was hoping to get a blog posted on Thursday but I was simply to busy getting things prepped to be gone for 5 days. So, we're back. The trip was fantastic. I'm a bit sun/wind burned and the dogs are exhausted but other than that we're all feeling relaxed and happy.

I promise in the next couple days to have a bit more for you, but until then... Here's a couple of pics for you.
I was working on a tan while knitting! Some of us are just pale

Buffalo In The Teton Area
Sapphire Pool at Biscuit Basin
Lower Falls on Yellowstone River
Keeping Cool at Atherton Camp Ground
Catching Morning Rays to Warm Up at Lizard Creek Campground

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Where Does One Belong?

While I was out walking the monsters yesterday at the dog park before work, I ran into two acquaintances that I often "stroll" with. They're two older ladies that use the dog park as a social forum which is perfectly normal in my experience at dog parks. Some days I have the time and the inkling to stroll with them, other days I either don't feel like the company or need to actually walk and get some energy off the kids before the next item on my schedule beckons me. We had actually already walked two laps and I figured I had the time and walked with them.

In the process of walking and talking about things the subject of cars came up which somehow led to my thoughts on moving away from Casper. They were both horrified that I would even consider such a move and when asked for my reasoning seemed very upset. I know that Casper is obviously their home, and in some way I guess that they feel that my feelings towards Casper are a reflection on them. Let me state right now, I honestly don't socialize with those that I feel are Casper's issue. I've tried. And after many attempts and realizations that I can't relate, I've stopped trying. Bottom line, Casper just isn't home for me.

Yes, there is a people factor. It's truly in my mind a trash factor. I'm not even going to say White, it's implied if you've ever been through this minority poor area of the united states. But on that note, a lot of the minorities I have interacted with have been equally trashy as the white variety.

There's this degree of entitlement to the local thought process. I don't know what it is to be honest. But in general when you are out and about, the obliviousness of the drivers, the rudeness in the general public and service industry and just the lack of pride in personal presentation and property.

Customer Service across the board. I can't even tell you how many times you run into it within a day. Whether you're in a store, dealing with utilities or trying to eat at a restaurant, regardless of quality level. It's like people think, "I passed the drug test and got hired, I don't need to try anymore." To me it's an honest reflection of the general lack of personal pride and general respect.

And the other truly huge factor for me is weather. I thought summer's were going to be an issue for me with the heat. I am a thick blooded Alaskan after all. But it's truly the lack of winter that bothers me. The heat is dry enough that it just isn't that big of a deal. But "Winter's" constant flux in temperature, wind, and lack of snow... It just gets me. If we do get snow, it's either 50 degrees the next day or the wind comes up and blows it to the East Coast. At best your get 48 hours of it. I miss ski trails through town that I can skate ski with the dogs on. I miss white months with crisp night air and moonlight reflecting off the landscape making everything bright and clean feeling. I know, I know, you're thinking, "Drive up the mountain and go skiing there." One, you have to navigate the mountain with the other idiot drivers, two, you have to try and find a less windy night, and three, then you have to deal with the snow machiners who feel that at night especially you don't have to worry about snow shoers or skiers, despite designated trails.

So... There are my reasons drawn out. There's more. But those are the big ones. And since I hate complainers, I'll try not to whine. In person or online. And I'll survive it until we can move to somewhere more our style. But don't worry, I am looking. It might be awhile until we can go, but we have our ears to the ground. I will definitely miss some people here. I have many friends I will regret leaving. But somewhere there is a dog friendly ski trail calling our names.

With that said. I don't hate Casper. It has it's good points like all places, and Wyoming can be absolutely beautiful. It's just not for me, and for those of you that find it home. Embrace it, I'm glad you found home. Please don't think this is a slight on you, because if you take enough pride in Casper to feel stung by this, you're not among the group I'm speaking of.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Knitting Frustrations, Fixes, and Frogging

So, this is one of those knitting entries. I just thought I warn all the non-knitters in case you'd be completely bored while reading this one... But back on point. This week I have had a several people ask me questions regarding projects that they're either frustrated with, stumped in, or just plain frigg'n sick and tired of. The last one is one of the most tedious things I have ever dealt with myself. You have this project that seemed like it would be so fun and then in became so boring. I have  ababy blanket on the  needles currently that is starting to get that way but luckily, I'm nearing the end of it so it won't become a project that is almost painful to pick up.
I find the easiest solution for such projects, unless the recipient is aware of the present to be, is to just stop. Tear the damn thing out and put the yarn away for something that you enjoy more. Granted, I kow if you spent WAY to much for said yarn, or you bough a lot for a big project, it can be somewhat painful to stop. But you'll be happier, I Promise.

For example. I had found a pattern out of a book that I have since done several other projects that I have enjoyed immensely. I thought this looked like such a cool idea. One of Bob's sister is always cold so I thought I'd make this huge Ruana style Shawl for her that is designed to look as though it's woven instead of knit. The entire thing is garter stitch, Yep, gag me with a ball of yarn. I was about a quarter of the way through it when I just completely lost interest. That was three years and three hundred dollars worth of silk blended yarn ago. This week, I took my own advice. Well, not entirely. I didn't frog the whole damn thing...

I did this.
It makes a lovely table runner, no? That's right. I bound the damn edge off and used it as a table runner. Now I have a great little table runner for when we have company over and I never have to dread opening the knitting closet to see the bag stuffed full with a three year old project. But, on the downside, the recipient was expecting this item at some point, but rest assured I found a great shawl pattern that I will whip up for her. Much more elegant as well.

See, my issue I have found is that I get bored with tedious projects. I must have changes in texture, stitching or something at least to keep my hands from being tired of the same old thing. It took me three years to realize this... sad, huh? This is why I gravitate to lace, cables, or any other project that makes these hands work a bit... So, when you're finding something so tedious you want to weep as you knit. Do yourself a favor and just stop. You can frog the whole damn thing, or recycle it into something more practical. You'll be happier, I promise. And you should be happy while knitting.

As for stumped in a project due to m.aking a mistake. Stop, take a deep breath, and look closely at your knitting. Can you see the mistake? If so tink back to it and do it correctly and move on after feeling quite proud of yourself. If you can't see the mistake, take your needle out, tear back to where you know things are okay, put the needle back in and move forward again. All the while keep breathing. If you need to, put it down, go pop the top on a ice cold beer or open a bottle of wine. When you're feeling relaxed enough re-evaluate whether your to drunk to knit or not. Don't knit drunk. I promise, any troubles will just be worse tomorrow with further flubbed stitches and a hangover. Just do something else. I find drunken sex alleviates some of my knitting irritation.

The main thing is, all of is will find a way to flub our knitting in new and creative manners. I promise. You're talking to a master fuck up here. The important thing to remember is that we all do it. Some of us are just a bit more graceful about it than other and can fix it before others spot it. I have found that I learn more about how the fabric I'm creating lays when I take out stitches to fix mistakes than when I'm just knitting along. Mistakes are often ways for us to learn more about this art of knitting. Really. That's not psycho babble, well it might be but even psycho babble has some truth to it occasionally.

Lastly, you find your so frustrated that you're tempted to put the wad of knitting in the garbage disposal with needles and all and turn it on. Please, don't! Take a deep breath, again, again, again, no don't fidget with the knitting, keep breathing. Again, again, deep breaths... Now when the urge for destruction passes, get up and put the knitting away. Yes, that's right. Just put it away. Sometimes are knitting needs punished with a time out. Go take a run, go to the bar, or if the urge to knit just won't pass, pick up another project. Yes, another one. You can have more than one project at a time. Though I allow myself no more than three or nothing gets accomplished. I sometimes find my projects seem to get jealous from time spent with the other yarns and then tend to behave properly the next time they come out. So, go pet your other yarn, fondle other needles and remember, knitting is supposed to be fun. If it's not, breath, and remember why you started in the first place.

One of my favorite yarn related writers is the "Yarn Harlot; Stephanie Pearl-McPhee" and I have a favorite quote from her on my fridge that I think applies to many areas outside of knitting.
“Knitting has taught me patience, honed my intelligence, sharpened my ability to solve problems, and shown me how to handle big tasks, knitting-related or not. The one thing it’s taught me that I wasn’t expecting; though, was humility. All knitters make mistakes, and some of us handle them better than others, but knitting is good practice for accepting our flaws and learning to be somewhat graceful about it. Note: Throwing yarn isn’t graceful.”

By the way, I have thrown a fair isle stocking across the room while my dogs look at me with amazement.

Keep knitting everyone,

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Karaoke Mayhem

I am not a karaoke person. You will most likely never catch me at a bar singing my heart out, or as close to singing as my voice lets me come. I have listened to others get up on that little plywood stage and have at it, and even been impressed by a few people. I dare say I was even drunk enough with a friend one night to get up and dance to karaoke. What can I say, I was 23 and we had wanted to dance and it was karaoke night at the gay bar. I'm sure I should be more embarrassed by that little tale than I am. Most of us have those drunken moments in our lives. I'm more embarrassed by the fact that I was stupid enough to let her drive us around town that night and when she dropped me off at my truck I thought I was okay to drive. Needless to say that when I tried to put my truck in drive, missed it entirely and fell off the bench seat and got stuck under the dash board, I called a cab. Sometimes you just need a really big sign.

With all that said, I bought the Glee Karaoke game for my Wii yesterday. Again, as I type this I feel like I should be embarrassed, but instead I'm highly amused with myself. So much so that I sent a text to the other people at work that I got hooked to Glee. We are so going to have to have a Gleek Karaoke party at my house.

Today though, I am hoarse. Yep, that's right, I sang/talked rhythmically/screeched my voice gone yesterday. I do admit though that I made sure all windows were closed. Just because I'm a Glee insane doesn't mean that I wish pain upon my neighbors. Hell, I didn't even let Bob hear me. Just because I found it fun to let some game console grade me and my non existent singing skills and then tell you all about it, doesn't mean I'm ready to let you all hear me. I wouldn't even play rockband with some friends last year. But if they had glee karaoke, I would have been all over it.

Now that I have you shaking your head and feeling embarrassed for me, I hope you have a good day feeling better about yourself.
Oh yeah buddy, we rock. You hit that note! Yeah!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Odd thoughts in Odd Places

Are you a linear thinker? You know, are you one of those that once your mind is on topic it stays there until your done with it, then you put the topic away until the next time it comes up? I have several friends that are this way and I envy them. It's not that I'm ADD. I can actually focus on a task and get it it done. I never allow myself more than three knitting projects at a time to assure completion in decent amounts of time. But I can't say I'm a linear thinker. I tend to jump from point to point in a topic and mull each one over and all its realted sub points (possibly a bit obsessively) until I can put them down and move on.

The strangest part of this thought process is that I have related thoughts at odd times while in other pursuits. As an example. I'm a shower thinker. When first waking up in the morning, or afternoon; and please remember that I am not a graceful waker, I do awesome thinking in the shower. I often find myself thinking," I need one of those underwater clipboards to keep in the shower to make notes." Yes, I often take notes to remind myself of these awesome thoughts. Okay, so they're not all awesome thoughts. later there are the occasionsal WTF!?! moments. Well, maybe if I could recall the exact context of the thought and not just what little bit I scribbled down, they'd be more awesome. But that's too much writing for first thing in the morning.

The other day while running on the mountain I had one of these thought lines that went something like thiis. "Whew, glad I remembered my inhaler. The dogs are doing awesome. I need to remember to tell Bob that I have to work Sunday night for a half shift. I need to write that down. I don't have anything to write with in my pack, much less paper. Geeze Sullivan, outta the way. I wonder if Bob would like to go to Applebees tonight? Oh shit! that's an Elk. Come on dogs, on by. Good Dogs. Watch the rocks there. Did I rememebr to take my Zyrtec last night? He's kinda cute."

Okay, so maybe that's closer to 20-30 minutes time span of thoughts all pressed in to less than 2, but you get the idea. I was just kind of curious about the rest of you. I didn't know if this is a rare kind of thought process, or if there's a lot of us out there?

Well, while it's cool and I seem to be loosening up, I think the dogs and I are going to go hit the trail. Have a great day.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Self Infliction

Here I sit, on a beautiful Sunday morning, barely able to move. In fact, even sitting is a bit difficult. My butt even hurts. And before you twisted sorts get the wrong impression, it's all self inflicted running related soreness. I know... don't ever type in 'sore butt' to google. Sick sick bastards out there...

Anyway, I woke feeling not only sore, but incredibly stupid. Here I am, a grown man and can't figure out that not only one day of running Casper mountain, but that two in a row is going to leave me whimpering as I try to get out of bed the next day. You see, I suffer from delayed muscle soreness. Anyone who has it, knows that instead of the typical next day soreness when you arise from your beauty sleep, it typically sets in later that following day as you go about your business, or a whole two days later (there's nothing special about the soreness, just shows up a bit late). I'm the whole two days later kind a guy. Which since this has been a problem since my younger marathon days, you'd think that I would have expected it and maybe not run the mountain the second day in expectation of the next morning's aches and pains. But no... I had my inhaler, my trusty canine running partners, I was going to run it again! Stupid... no two ways about it. Just stupid.

So I'm going to waddle my way through my Sunday, dig my holes for my new shrubs in the front yard, pop my ibuprofen and swear often and fervently that I won't do that to myself again. I know, I don't believe myself either. I hope you all have a great Sunday.

Just leave me here. I'll catch up, I promise.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I know, I suck...

I am perfectly aware that I had stated that yesterday I'd do some blogging catch up... and I didn't. I suck.

Really what had happened was that I got off work on Thursday morning, stayed up because I stupidly made myself an appointment at 1230 that day. Considering I got somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 hours sleep Wednesday I knew that if I were to lay down, I'd never wake up for a 1230 appt. So, I went and bought a wireless router, got all the computers up and running on it. Went downstairs and pulled up the barely used Wii to the upstairs TV and got it hooked into the new network and set up to pull Netflix in and in general puttered around the house and yard to stay awake. After the haircut I crashed and got up to head over to the knitting studio for an evening class I had offered to assist with and came home and crashed after the news. I slept then until 1130 yesterday. That's right, I slept for 13 hours. That is REALLY uncommon for me. I had a cold my last week off and I think I've still been dealing with the last vestiges of that. Unfortunately that kind of took over my blogging time because then I was doing errands with Bob and I ran the dogs on the mountain.

The run was a little unplanned because I had to take a fecal sample into the vet for the GD again... Yes, the Great Dane (GD) has got massive/copious/enormous (Insert whichever adjective works for you) wet stools again. And let me just tell you, when a tall dogs has an accident on the wood floor that is basically brown mucous like water, it splatters. It's a good thing I love the bugger. After dropping that off earlier then going by to pick up his antibiotic I thought, 'The mountain looks lovely and dry, lets go for a run!' I forgot that I had the old girl in the car with me and my inhaler was at home. I was shocked at how poorly my lungs did and how amazing my 15year old girl did. She kept right up with us to the end. Of course, she did get a precautionary Rimadyl with dinner. You have no idea how good this makes me feel. It makes me think I have her for even longer than I thought. For any dog owners that have had to put down old dogs, you know that feeling of dread as you watch a loved companion age and the inexplicable joy when they show you they still have lots of spunk left...

Anyway, enough excuses. I did get some pics in the afternoon light done. I have somehow been voted as the knitting studios photographer. Don't know why. Can't say I'm talented in that dept.
This is Emmitt. He thinks he's a guard dog. Don't tell him this, but he's a huge pussy.
This is my latest project. It's a baby blanket for a friend. If you want the pattern, sorry, I'm just making it up as I go.
This is a very crafty shawl pin the sister of one of the knitting studios founders made up with knitting some wire with beads. She's looking at possibly creating more and selling them. So of course, I had to be the one to photograph 'em. I do have to admit, afternoon sun and shine wire and beads go well together. But then afternoon sun makes most of us look better... In my opinion anyway.

Okay, that's it for this morning. Hope you all have a great morning. If you have kids, remember as they wake you up, demand food and entertainment with their stupid Saturday morning cartoons that they're blessings form heaven. But then, so is Tequila. I find one blessing often helps in dealing with others.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oh my... 100 views? Really?

To say that when I logged on from my IPod touch and found that I had 100 views I was shocked is a major frigg'n understatement. Turns out, I do have readers. Who the hell knew?!? So, on that note, why have none of you moist wanker stains given me your favorite curse words? Oh wait, I shouldn't call my readers names. I kinda want to keep you around, huh? Damn, some day I'll get this all figured out. I swear.

Well, to however many readers I have, thanks. I appreciate it. Honestly. Now, I have to take my ridiculously got three hours sleep yesterday tired bum to bed before I further embarrass myself online.

And remember, you may not wnat to get too know me to well...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Have Internet!

I know that no one else is as excited as I am. What's truly sad is that the new cable with DVR isn't even all that exciting despite being able to record Glee when I'm at work. Yes, yes, I do like Glee. Shut your mouth. Of course, I should say I like the first season. Haven't seen a single episode of season 2. More precisely, I love Sue Sylvester. I just do. It's like that new movie coming out, "Bad Teacher". If I were a teacher that would be me. After all this is the guy that when the dogs are moaning, groaning, whining and otherwise mouthing off I tell them, "Shut up, nobody cares and all your dreams are dead". Of course they just wag their tails and come over for some petting loving or walking. Those little bastards have me all figured out.

Got this done this week...
And attacked some of the charity baby hats for the month before I start another big project.

Anyway, I'll catch up on Blogging tomorrow I swear. You guys have a rock'n night. I have to get showered and pretend to care about one more night of work.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

No Internet?!?

I know! I won't be up with a new service until Thursday. Which since I work until then, not a big problem. Just thought I'd let anyone hoping for another installment know.

I was walking into work tonight and heard two nurses who were probably 40+ talking. One mentioned that they had never laughed so hard in her life and I couldn't help but feel sad about that. I hope that at this stage in the game she's had plenty of good hard laughs. I myself have laughed until I almost passed out, and laughed until my ribs hurt. I've made others laugh so hard they have wet themselves or farted in public which has in turn made me do almost the same.

A lot of people say love is what keeps us going, makes the world turn or whatever. But since I've seen a lot of crazy crap done to people all in the name of love gone stupid. I certainly hope it's laughter that keeps us spinning.

Anyway, just a thought as I wander into work tonight. Keep giggling, pissing, and chuckling kids.


Friday, June 3, 2011

Favorite Curse Words

***Warning: Adult Content in todays post. Sorry, no nudie pics (trust me, your imagination would do better), just some potty language. If you dig that kind of thing, please, read on. If your sensitive to such things, please continue to a different post. Not yesterdays mind you, but any of the others would be fine. Consider yourself warned. If you continued to read though I warned you and decide to leave snippy little comments, please kindly bugger off.***

So, this is reader participation time. I know, I need readers first, but I don't follow linear paths well...

We went to see the movie "Paul" tonight. The Alien one? I was feeling the need for something light and silly and it was at the cheap seats. It was childish, blue humor, but oh so funny. I was actually happily surprised that the film was better than expected. It even gave me a couple new curse words which in my world, is better than any oscar worthy delivered dramatic scene..

You may wonder why I would be on the look out for new curse words? Well, you see, once in a while, we just need to say something that really gets are feelings out there. And we all have those phrases that we wither grew up with, made up, or have adopted along the way.

I personally love the C word but find many are horrified by it so if I'm calling someone names I settle for "Fuck Wit" or "Useless Twat". The latter is used more often because it seems to throw people more. There's no real swear word in it and I think it's especially insulting to tell someone they're a gash that isn't even worth screwing. As for a general I'm exasperated and need to spew forth verbally how I feel, I use "Son of a Whore with Gonorrhea and Syphilis Sores on her lips, both sets." It's shocking and it often gets a guffaw of laughter, but it's a bit much to sputter out when you're truly peeved. Tonight though, I learned "Hairy Love Eggs", and "Tittie Farts". I have no idea what a tittie fart is, but damn, I like the sound of it. Which considering I'm as queer as a plaid rabbit (Not truly that flamer, I promise. Remember I don't have a Chihuahua, but a Great Dane, actually like camping and backpacking and love to Sea Kayak and Rock Climb as well as knit), lets you know how twisted I can be. So, I honestly think that I may be adding some new language to my common vernacular.

Now, here's the part you play. I want to hear your favorite Curse Words. That's right. Just leave them right there in the comments. You got it, this blog is just asking for you to talk dirty to me. Give me you're best foul mouthed boot licking water sport loving pig sayings kiddos.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wine/Whine with friends can fix most anything

Or at least make you laugh a bit, sometimes cry a bit(not this time, I swear! Jenny and Alena are lying) and in general be able to see that it's not quite as important as you thought it was. I find watching the world news does that last one for me too.

Last night was knit night. For you non-knitters, this differs from most nights for me because a group of us gather, knit together, cuss together, and in general have a good time. Last night had plenty of funny fodder now that we had a couple bottles of wine, good fiber, and a gathering of souls who have sarcastic dark little hearts.

On this note, they had brought up the text I had sent out the night previous regarding Thomas LaCock. If you don't know about this, let's just say a gentleman was interviewed for the ten o'clock news and had the misfortune of that for his name. I regrettably would have been one of those pre-teens that would have harassed him had I known him and we were friends enough by wandering around with a fake Spanish accent saying loudly in crowds of people who barely know me, "Ave you seeen La Cock? Where iz La Cock? Ah, si, 'e iz in my pantz," Yes, regrettably I was one of those kids, because I always felt it was fair play after all the kids ribbed me for my name, or if they were harassing some shy kid who wouldn't speak up, I'd step in. No one was truly safe. No one. Just ask my 8th grade algebra teacher. Mrs Roses, I am still sorry.

Well, as we were leaving last night, Alena came up with a great usage for our new favorite term, LaCock. All you guys out there who have important guys in your lives... Yes, us parntered gay guys in case I lost anyone. You know that moment when it's kind of awkward in certain settings to introduce or speak of your partner and you feel they need a title? Yep, you got it... We now say, "Robert, This is Jessica and Martin. She's my boss and her husband. Jessica, Martin, this is Robert. He's my LaCock". I swear, it will make things a breeze. If they're conservative, they will probably not say a word and be quickly thinking in their heads, 'Did he say LaCock? Is that some kind of relative? Are they French? I must have misheard him, he seems to nice to say the C word like that. I'll ask Martin/Jessica later what he really said. I wish people wouldn't speak so fast.' Or if they're liberal they'll probably laugh heartily and assist in the spreading of new favorite title. Because that is now our jobs. Please, help me in throwing this little title into random conversations.

See, if I were back home I wouldn't ask for assistance because I lived in a city that had many transients on their way to other places and I would have used that little linguistic hub to spread my evil. But now I live in Casper. It's a bit of a black hole. People tend to stay here or escape with terminal velocity as soon as they can crest the event horizon. Therefore I have no hope of Casper WY becoming a linguistic hub that can fling my naughty little sense of humor across the world. But I will try!

As you can see, much better mood today. This is why I knit. had I not gone and hung out last night, I would still be fuming today. It's proof. Fiber Heals. While we're spreading little terms, lets work on "Fiber Heals" too. I should even make bumper stickers for that one! It's not dirty at all, and I feel that public forums such as bumper stickers, radio airwaves and posters should try to keep away from such things. I know... we all have an inner right wing. Even me. It probably has something to do with raising two little brothers and having the youngest ask me in a restaurant if the waiter was a pedophile when he was just a wee lad.

Oh, one final thought for the day...
Yes, that's right. Even the landscape in Utah is against the conservatives...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Not My Day... Not in the Least

So, I apologize, but this is a bit of a rant. Seriously, full blown. I woke up after sleeping kinda wretchedly for some reason I've yet to identify, got showered, and hit the coffee shop for some tea and fiber time in the sun. Sounds like a good start, doesn't it? Now, I had planned it that way. I was as you might want to say, fortifying my soul for the things on my agenda.

First, hair cut. I typically chop my own thinning locks, but I've been having some rotator cuff issues and the thought of 30-60minutes with my hands over my head just wasn't warming to me. I can't get in until June 9th. No biggie, I can be shaggy for a while longer. No harm.

It all truly started down that long sad slide on my way to Verizon to deal with my decidedly crappy internet service AGAIN. The lady in front of me getting onto the interstate had no idea how to merge and slammed on the brakes for two whole vehicles to pass that actually were in the inside lane, almost causing a pile up on the on ramp. Then some stupid kid on a motorcycle (don't get me started on my feelings towards motorcycles and snow machines) cut me off with about a foot between my bumper and his rear tire and slammed on the brakes. I doubt he knows how lucky he was that one, I was paying attention to him (have to admit, he was kinda nicely built and stupidly cute with no helmet and shorts and a tank top, I had to pay attention to that), and two, I was driving the Soul and not the old Ford that would have plowed his ass into the car in front before ever responding to my braking. Then as I turn into the mall, he whips front he left lane to the right, again cutting me off after his illegal turn as he slams on his brakes again to make the turn. I have to say that I was tempted to clip the rear tire and smile at the crunchy sound of his bike and the satisfying thump it would have made as I drove over him. But I marshaled my better instincts and didn't do it.

I got inside and signed in at the ridiculous little electronic kiosk at Verizon (What's wrong with an old fashioned queue?) to be third in line. And I'm thinking, only third? No big deal. Here's my question that I have since posed to Verizon's customer service. Why in the hell do I have to sign in to be ignored for 45minutes? Seriously. They had 6 reps there, and a manager and it took 45minutes to get called. Notice, I didn't say helped. After being told that they have updated my device last time there is really nothing they can do for my "dial-up" quality. By now, I'm kinda of steaming. I as politely as I could, and I promise, I didn't cuss or raise my voice told the girl that I wanted to discontinue this part of my coverage because I'm sure I can pay less for better unlimited coverage elsewhere and probably not have to wait 45 minutes to be told that this companies internet is worthless. Upon being given a receipt of discontinued service as of 6/4/2011 and told I have to pay 95.00 to break contract, I stormed out, called Verizon and let some poor girl have it. When she tried to fix it (Sweety, I know it's just your job and you were trying to make things better and I'm sorry for being a pissed off prat) I told her I was simply going to have to think about it because at this point I really could see myself going to another cell service entirely and I just need to cool down.

I went home, I paced, I vented. I folded laundry. Then started looking at other services. Called a couple, then went ahead and got signed up for Optimum to have internet, a home phone (haven't had one of those in ages!) and God Forbid, CABLE. I'm really not sure what to think of this but it was a whole $5.00 more to get cable so I did it... I have to say, Jeannette could teach our Verizon stores something about customer service... I'll unfortunately be 4 whole days without internet but I'm sure I'll survive. I can always looks stuff up on my phone.

Upon calling Verizon back up and speaking with Jim, I told him to continue with the disconnect on 6/4 and that I wanted to speak to someone about this stupid fee I have to pay after paying for 1.5 years of service that didn't meet the standards they stated it would be. I got put on hold then stuck to someone who tried to troubleshoot my device. I had to inform her that no, I was not interested in troubleshooting it anymore. I was sooooo past that and needed it killed and didn't think that $95.00 was acceptable to charge someone when they never provided said service. Long story short, the local stores never updated my device as they told me, nor told me how to do it, which it turns out is quite simple once your informed. I was originally given a device with a set up pamphlet in a bag with two cords and sent on my way. Nether of the locations despite having the device and computer in front of them showed me the process. Turns out, it now worked fabulously and because of both of their stores crappy customer service and that fact that my service is now as good as advertised, I still have to bay $95.00 to discontinue. God Love Corporate America!

So, here I am. Consoling myself with a rant on here, a glass of iced tea. No Joe, it's not a Long Island. I swear. And thoughts of playing with some yarn. That will make me feel better, right? Sure it will. Maybe I need to go walk the dogs? That might make me feel better before I sit down and knit to tightly.

Road Trip!

Last night I spent about an hour on the phone with my best friend. We've been friends since second grade where we first met after she moved to the neighborhood. She just recently got reassigned to Mountain Home Idaho which is about a 9-10 hour drive from Casper WY. We've been planning a reunion at Yellowstone later this month. I gave her a shout to let her know we've reserved a camping spot and started to process of deeper planning. I'm so excited! Let's just hope I don't end up with sick dogs this time. Nothing can put a damper on friends like one of the furry kids vomiting on them or their sleeping bag.

Today I am definitely hitting the coffee shop before my errands. Yesterday I was good and tinkered in the garden and all in all, barely touched the knitting. So today I'm going to reward myself with some caffeine and fiber therapy. Doesn't hurt that tonight is knit night down at the studio. It's going to be a good day. Yes, there is such things and they generally exist to strike down silly people who dare say things like, "Oh that will be easy" or "Yeah, that should take no time." I was silly enough to smugly  think that I'd just whip out a little green Shawlette. Yhen, as I was working on it during the 2200hrs news last night, I forgot all my yarn overs in the row and of course didn't catch it until the next lace row when each repeat was down to a meager 9 stitches instead of 11. Silly silly man. So there I was by 1030 pulling the little woolly bastard back. Beware the yarn gods I tell you.

On a high not, on the news they interviewed a man with the unfortunate name of "Thomas LaCock". No joke. I used to fret about my name when I was a kid, but as I grew up I realized that I was quote fortunate with my name actually. There's no real sicko conentations to it and no one can walk around calling me The Cock. Do you know the horrible teasing this child must have suffered. Especially if he was in a Spanish Immersion class? I can just hear a whole bunch of pre-teens wondering around say  in bad spanish accents (okay, I would so be one of them. I probably would have been the one to come up with the accent) "Ave you seeen Da Cock? Where iz Da Cock? Ah, si, 'e iz in my pantz,"

Anyway. Took some pics while wondering around the yard while on the phone. And the dreaded mass that knitting gods caused.
This is truly where we put in the most work. The Tulips and Pin flowers were already there and just keep coming back every year with the daffodils.

And my grape is getting ready to unfurl anytime now!
And the cats bath went very well, though she refuses to let me get pictures. She gives me baleful glares and tries to hide her shame by constantly moving if I pull out the camera.