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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oh my... 100 views? Really?

To say that when I logged on from my IPod touch and found that I had 100 views I was shocked is a major frigg'n understatement. Turns out, I do have readers. Who the hell knew?!? So, on that note, why have none of you moist wanker stains given me your favorite curse words? Oh wait, I shouldn't call my readers names. I kinda want to keep you around, huh? Damn, some day I'll get this all figured out. I swear.

Well, to however many readers I have, thanks. I appreciate it. Honestly. Now, I have to take my ridiculously got three hours sleep yesterday tired bum to bed before I further embarrass myself online.

And remember, you may not wnat to get too know me to well...

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