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Friday, June 3, 2011

Favorite Curse Words

***Warning: Adult Content in todays post. Sorry, no nudie pics (trust me, your imagination would do better), just some potty language. If you dig that kind of thing, please, read on. If your sensitive to such things, please continue to a different post. Not yesterdays mind you, but any of the others would be fine. Consider yourself warned. If you continued to read though I warned you and decide to leave snippy little comments, please kindly bugger off.***

So, this is reader participation time. I know, I need readers first, but I don't follow linear paths well...

We went to see the movie "Paul" tonight. The Alien one? I was feeling the need for something light and silly and it was at the cheap seats. It was childish, blue humor, but oh so funny. I was actually happily surprised that the film was better than expected. It even gave me a couple new curse words which in my world, is better than any oscar worthy delivered dramatic scene..

You may wonder why I would be on the look out for new curse words? Well, you see, once in a while, we just need to say something that really gets are feelings out there. And we all have those phrases that we wither grew up with, made up, or have adopted along the way.

I personally love the C word but find many are horrified by it so if I'm calling someone names I settle for "Fuck Wit" or "Useless Twat". The latter is used more often because it seems to throw people more. There's no real swear word in it and I think it's especially insulting to tell someone they're a gash that isn't even worth screwing. As for a general I'm exasperated and need to spew forth verbally how I feel, I use "Son of a Whore with Gonorrhea and Syphilis Sores on her lips, both sets." It's shocking and it often gets a guffaw of laughter, but it's a bit much to sputter out when you're truly peeved. Tonight though, I learned "Hairy Love Eggs", and "Tittie Farts". I have no idea what a tittie fart is, but damn, I like the sound of it. Which considering I'm as queer as a plaid rabbit (Not truly that flamer, I promise. Remember I don't have a Chihuahua, but a Great Dane, actually like camping and backpacking and love to Sea Kayak and Rock Climb as well as knit), lets you know how twisted I can be. So, I honestly think that I may be adding some new language to my common vernacular.

Now, here's the part you play. I want to hear your favorite Curse Words. That's right. Just leave them right there in the comments. You got it, this blog is just asking for you to talk dirty to me. Give me you're best foul mouthed boot licking water sport loving pig sayings kiddos.

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