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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Not My Day... Not in the Least

So, I apologize, but this is a bit of a rant. Seriously, full blown. I woke up after sleeping kinda wretchedly for some reason I've yet to identify, got showered, and hit the coffee shop for some tea and fiber time in the sun. Sounds like a good start, doesn't it? Now, I had planned it that way. I was as you might want to say, fortifying my soul for the things on my agenda.

First, hair cut. I typically chop my own thinning locks, but I've been having some rotator cuff issues and the thought of 30-60minutes with my hands over my head just wasn't warming to me. I can't get in until June 9th. No biggie, I can be shaggy for a while longer. No harm.

It all truly started down that long sad slide on my way to Verizon to deal with my decidedly crappy internet service AGAIN. The lady in front of me getting onto the interstate had no idea how to merge and slammed on the brakes for two whole vehicles to pass that actually were in the inside lane, almost causing a pile up on the on ramp. Then some stupid kid on a motorcycle (don't get me started on my feelings towards motorcycles and snow machines) cut me off with about a foot between my bumper and his rear tire and slammed on the brakes. I doubt he knows how lucky he was that one, I was paying attention to him (have to admit, he was kinda nicely built and stupidly cute with no helmet and shorts and a tank top, I had to pay attention to that), and two, I was driving the Soul and not the old Ford that would have plowed his ass into the car in front before ever responding to my braking. Then as I turn into the mall, he whips front he left lane to the right, again cutting me off after his illegal turn as he slams on his brakes again to make the turn. I have to say that I was tempted to clip the rear tire and smile at the crunchy sound of his bike and the satisfying thump it would have made as I drove over him. But I marshaled my better instincts and didn't do it.

I got inside and signed in at the ridiculous little electronic kiosk at Verizon (What's wrong with an old fashioned queue?) to be third in line. And I'm thinking, only third? No big deal. Here's my question that I have since posed to Verizon's customer service. Why in the hell do I have to sign in to be ignored for 45minutes? Seriously. They had 6 reps there, and a manager and it took 45minutes to get called. Notice, I didn't say helped. After being told that they have updated my device last time there is really nothing they can do for my "dial-up" quality. By now, I'm kinda of steaming. I as politely as I could, and I promise, I didn't cuss or raise my voice told the girl that I wanted to discontinue this part of my coverage because I'm sure I can pay less for better unlimited coverage elsewhere and probably not have to wait 45 minutes to be told that this companies internet is worthless. Upon being given a receipt of discontinued service as of 6/4/2011 and told I have to pay 95.00 to break contract, I stormed out, called Verizon and let some poor girl have it. When she tried to fix it (Sweety, I know it's just your job and you were trying to make things better and I'm sorry for being a pissed off prat) I told her I was simply going to have to think about it because at this point I really could see myself going to another cell service entirely and I just need to cool down.

I went home, I paced, I vented. I folded laundry. Then started looking at other services. Called a couple, then went ahead and got signed up for Optimum to have internet, a home phone (haven't had one of those in ages!) and God Forbid, CABLE. I'm really not sure what to think of this but it was a whole $5.00 more to get cable so I did it... I have to say, Jeannette could teach our Verizon stores something about customer service... I'll unfortunately be 4 whole days without internet but I'm sure I'll survive. I can always looks stuff up on my phone.

Upon calling Verizon back up and speaking with Jim, I told him to continue with the disconnect on 6/4 and that I wanted to speak to someone about this stupid fee I have to pay after paying for 1.5 years of service that didn't meet the standards they stated it would be. I got put on hold then stuck to someone who tried to troubleshoot my device. I had to inform her that no, I was not interested in troubleshooting it anymore. I was sooooo past that and needed it killed and didn't think that $95.00 was acceptable to charge someone when they never provided said service. Long story short, the local stores never updated my device as they told me, nor told me how to do it, which it turns out is quite simple once your informed. I was originally given a device with a set up pamphlet in a bag with two cords and sent on my way. Nether of the locations despite having the device and computer in front of them showed me the process. Turns out, it now worked fabulously and because of both of their stores crappy customer service and that fact that my service is now as good as advertised, I still have to bay $95.00 to discontinue. God Love Corporate America!

So, here I am. Consoling myself with a rant on here, a glass of iced tea. No Joe, it's not a Long Island. I swear. And thoughts of playing with some yarn. That will make me feel better, right? Sure it will. Maybe I need to go walk the dogs? That might make me feel better before I sit down and knit to tightly.

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