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Saturday, June 11, 2011

I know, I suck...

I am perfectly aware that I had stated that yesterday I'd do some blogging catch up... and I didn't. I suck.

Really what had happened was that I got off work on Thursday morning, stayed up because I stupidly made myself an appointment at 1230 that day. Considering I got somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 hours sleep Wednesday I knew that if I were to lay down, I'd never wake up for a 1230 appt. So, I went and bought a wireless router, got all the computers up and running on it. Went downstairs and pulled up the barely used Wii to the upstairs TV and got it hooked into the new network and set up to pull Netflix in and in general puttered around the house and yard to stay awake. After the haircut I crashed and got up to head over to the knitting studio for an evening class I had offered to assist with and came home and crashed after the news. I slept then until 1130 yesterday. That's right, I slept for 13 hours. That is REALLY uncommon for me. I had a cold my last week off and I think I've still been dealing with the last vestiges of that. Unfortunately that kind of took over my blogging time because then I was doing errands with Bob and I ran the dogs on the mountain.

The run was a little unplanned because I had to take a fecal sample into the vet for the GD again... Yes, the Great Dane (GD) has got massive/copious/enormous (Insert whichever adjective works for you) wet stools again. And let me just tell you, when a tall dogs has an accident on the wood floor that is basically brown mucous like water, it splatters. It's a good thing I love the bugger. After dropping that off earlier then going by to pick up his antibiotic I thought, 'The mountain looks lovely and dry, lets go for a run!' I forgot that I had the old girl in the car with me and my inhaler was at home. I was shocked at how poorly my lungs did and how amazing my 15year old girl did. She kept right up with us to the end. Of course, she did get a precautionary Rimadyl with dinner. You have no idea how good this makes me feel. It makes me think I have her for even longer than I thought. For any dog owners that have had to put down old dogs, you know that feeling of dread as you watch a loved companion age and the inexplicable joy when they show you they still have lots of spunk left...

Anyway, enough excuses. I did get some pics in the afternoon light done. I have somehow been voted as the knitting studios photographer. Don't know why. Can't say I'm talented in that dept.
This is Emmitt. He thinks he's a guard dog. Don't tell him this, but he's a huge pussy.
This is my latest project. It's a baby blanket for a friend. If you want the pattern, sorry, I'm just making it up as I go.
This is a very crafty shawl pin the sister of one of the knitting studios founders made up with knitting some wire with beads. She's looking at possibly creating more and selling them. So of course, I had to be the one to photograph 'em. I do have to admit, afternoon sun and shine wire and beads go well together. But then afternoon sun makes most of us look better... In my opinion anyway.

Okay, that's it for this morning. Hope you all have a great morning. If you have kids, remember as they wake you up, demand food and entertainment with their stupid Saturday morning cartoons that they're blessings form heaven. But then, so is Tequila. I find one blessing often helps in dealing with others.


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