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Monday, June 13, 2011

Odd thoughts in Odd Places

Are you a linear thinker? You know, are you one of those that once your mind is on topic it stays there until your done with it, then you put the topic away until the next time it comes up? I have several friends that are this way and I envy them. It's not that I'm ADD. I can actually focus on a task and get it it done. I never allow myself more than three knitting projects at a time to assure completion in decent amounts of time. But I can't say I'm a linear thinker. I tend to jump from point to point in a topic and mull each one over and all its realted sub points (possibly a bit obsessively) until I can put them down and move on.

The strangest part of this thought process is that I have related thoughts at odd times while in other pursuits. As an example. I'm a shower thinker. When first waking up in the morning, or afternoon; and please remember that I am not a graceful waker, I do awesome thinking in the shower. I often find myself thinking," I need one of those underwater clipboards to keep in the shower to make notes." Yes, I often take notes to remind myself of these awesome thoughts. Okay, so they're not all awesome thoughts. later there are the occasionsal WTF!?! moments. Well, maybe if I could recall the exact context of the thought and not just what little bit I scribbled down, they'd be more awesome. But that's too much writing for first thing in the morning.

The other day while running on the mountain I had one of these thought lines that went something like thiis. "Whew, glad I remembered my inhaler. The dogs are doing awesome. I need to remember to tell Bob that I have to work Sunday night for a half shift. I need to write that down. I don't have anything to write with in my pack, much less paper. Geeze Sullivan, outta the way. I wonder if Bob would like to go to Applebees tonight? Oh shit! that's an Elk. Come on dogs, on by. Good Dogs. Watch the rocks there. Did I rememebr to take my Zyrtec last night? He's kinda cute."

Okay, so maybe that's closer to 20-30 minutes time span of thoughts all pressed in to less than 2, but you get the idea. I was just kind of curious about the rest of you. I didn't know if this is a rare kind of thought process, or if there's a lot of us out there?

Well, while it's cool and I seem to be loosening up, I think the dogs and I are going to go hit the trail. Have a great day.

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