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Saturday, June 4, 2011

No Internet?!?

I know! I won't be up with a new service until Thursday. Which since I work until then, not a big problem. Just thought I'd let anyone hoping for another installment know.

I was walking into work tonight and heard two nurses who were probably 40+ talking. One mentioned that they had never laughed so hard in her life and I couldn't help but feel sad about that. I hope that at this stage in the game she's had plenty of good hard laughs. I myself have laughed until I almost passed out, and laughed until my ribs hurt. I've made others laugh so hard they have wet themselves or farted in public which has in turn made me do almost the same.

A lot of people say love is what keeps us going, makes the world turn or whatever. But since I've seen a lot of crazy crap done to people all in the name of love gone stupid. I certainly hope it's laughter that keeps us spinning.

Anyway, just a thought as I wander into work tonight. Keep giggling, pissing, and chuckling kids.


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