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Friday, August 24, 2012

A Couple post block pics.

All done!

Cast on 421...

So, we started the Cheryl Oberle Litla Dimun Knit Along tonight. And those little directions are the entry point of this pattern. It sounds horrid but it's the beginning of a truly nice little shawl with a simple yet elegant lace motif. I would recommend this pattern to any newbies to lace that are scared of it. It's both written out and charted wonderfully and it's a shawl that you start on the outside edge and knit inward getting smaller every other row so it's nice and fast about the time you want to scream to the knitting gods to please let it be done.
I'm using alpaca sox yarn in a ovely green kettle dye. It's both wonderfully soft, beautiful and has a little halo going for it. I think it's going to be lovely. I am considering throwing in some amber colored antler beads into the lace. I know, I seem to be bead crazy as of late...

Speaking of which, I got this done.
I'm fairly happy with it, despite my feelings toward variegates. This yarn still makes me think of back home near the water on a fall day where the mountains march the fall colors all the way to the waters edge.

The whole thing is supposed to be a water motif. The varying width garter edge is the beach, with the rolling lace being the wave as it comes ashore and the staggered lace being the bubbles that are left in a waves passing. That's what made me think of adding the beads in on the staggered edge of the beach. Anyone who's walked a rocky Alaskan shore is familiar with the often surprisingly beautiful flotsam that is left behind at the tide marks.

Right now I plan on it going to a local rescue as a raffle prize to help raise some money for dogs. Hopefully I get some pictures of it on someone.

Well, off to bed with me so I can be well rested for my return to work. Have a good night everyone and a wonderful weekend.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sshhh... He's back.

Well, only kind of. I'm trying to keep my eyes open so I thought I'd post since it's been... awhile. Let's just keep it all friendly and leave it at that.

Sorry, I've been working a lot of overtime and have Jessie the demon dog staying with us that has been taking up most of my other time getting her through some of her issues. Which include fear biting, what appeared to be aggression and actually just ended up being a fear reaction when dogs come at her aggressively. Like a lot of pit bulls, instead of running or cowering her choice is to try to end the the threat. Then there's that little habit of killing small woodland creatures. Oh, and the absolute lack of manners. Anyone want to adopt a precious pit bull from Black Dog Rescue? Actually, she is a love, and incorporated into my pack of four with very little issue. I have her leaving the cat be, trained to the leash and doing pretty darn good with other dogs. We've moved through the issues with jumping on counters and tables (only happened once) and are busy working on stays. Fun!

Throw in my re-dedication to going to the gym and cooking at home more that's left me with very little relaxing much less computer time or even worse, knitting/spinning time. But I am down to 158 pounds that is unfortunately two pounds below my goal. I think that officially puts me in that skinny bitch category that people want to slap silly and shove french fries down their throats. I'll be working on some self stuffing tomorrow so don't worry.

As for knitting, I've been hiding from the Jared Flood Mystery Knit Along so that's okay. But I did start Rom Hill's Alcyone. Not sure what I think of the yarn but the pattern is wonderful.
And tonight I played on Etsy and ended up buying into the color club of a wonderful fiber artist by the name of Huckleberry Knit's. I'm excited! Oh, and I blew money on Sport's Authority on a new pair of Merrell Barefoot running shoes and some Under Armour under things. But we're not going to get into that. I don't know you all that well.

Anyway, I hope my few readers are doing well and hopefully I will be back shortly.