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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Where Does One Belong?

While I was out walking the monsters yesterday at the dog park before work, I ran into two acquaintances that I often "stroll" with. They're two older ladies that use the dog park as a social forum which is perfectly normal in my experience at dog parks. Some days I have the time and the inkling to stroll with them, other days I either don't feel like the company or need to actually walk and get some energy off the kids before the next item on my schedule beckons me. We had actually already walked two laps and I figured I had the time and walked with them.

In the process of walking and talking about things the subject of cars came up which somehow led to my thoughts on moving away from Casper. They were both horrified that I would even consider such a move and when asked for my reasoning seemed very upset. I know that Casper is obviously their home, and in some way I guess that they feel that my feelings towards Casper are a reflection on them. Let me state right now, I honestly don't socialize with those that I feel are Casper's issue. I've tried. And after many attempts and realizations that I can't relate, I've stopped trying. Bottom line, Casper just isn't home for me.

Yes, there is a people factor. It's truly in my mind a trash factor. I'm not even going to say White, it's implied if you've ever been through this minority poor area of the united states. But on that note, a lot of the minorities I have interacted with have been equally trashy as the white variety.

There's this degree of entitlement to the local thought process. I don't know what it is to be honest. But in general when you are out and about, the obliviousness of the drivers, the rudeness in the general public and service industry and just the lack of pride in personal presentation and property.

Customer Service across the board. I can't even tell you how many times you run into it within a day. Whether you're in a store, dealing with utilities or trying to eat at a restaurant, regardless of quality level. It's like people think, "I passed the drug test and got hired, I don't need to try anymore." To me it's an honest reflection of the general lack of personal pride and general respect.

And the other truly huge factor for me is weather. I thought summer's were going to be an issue for me with the heat. I am a thick blooded Alaskan after all. But it's truly the lack of winter that bothers me. The heat is dry enough that it just isn't that big of a deal. But "Winter's" constant flux in temperature, wind, and lack of snow... It just gets me. If we do get snow, it's either 50 degrees the next day or the wind comes up and blows it to the East Coast. At best your get 48 hours of it. I miss ski trails through town that I can skate ski with the dogs on. I miss white months with crisp night air and moonlight reflecting off the landscape making everything bright and clean feeling. I know, I know, you're thinking, "Drive up the mountain and go skiing there." One, you have to navigate the mountain with the other idiot drivers, two, you have to try and find a less windy night, and three, then you have to deal with the snow machiners who feel that at night especially you don't have to worry about snow shoers or skiers, despite designated trails.

So... There are my reasons drawn out. There's more. But those are the big ones. And since I hate complainers, I'll try not to whine. In person or online. And I'll survive it until we can move to somewhere more our style. But don't worry, I am looking. It might be awhile until we can go, but we have our ears to the ground. I will definitely miss some people here. I have many friends I will regret leaving. But somewhere there is a dog friendly ski trail calling our names.

With that said. I don't hate Casper. It has it's good points like all places, and Wyoming can be absolutely beautiful. It's just not for me, and for those of you that find it home. Embrace it, I'm glad you found home. Please don't think this is a slight on you, because if you take enough pride in Casper to feel stung by this, you're not among the group I'm speaking of.

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