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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Karaoke Mayhem

I am not a karaoke person. You will most likely never catch me at a bar singing my heart out, or as close to singing as my voice lets me come. I have listened to others get up on that little plywood stage and have at it, and even been impressed by a few people. I dare say I was even drunk enough with a friend one night to get up and dance to karaoke. What can I say, I was 23 and we had wanted to dance and it was karaoke night at the gay bar. I'm sure I should be more embarrassed by that little tale than I am. Most of us have those drunken moments in our lives. I'm more embarrassed by the fact that I was stupid enough to let her drive us around town that night and when she dropped me off at my truck I thought I was okay to drive. Needless to say that when I tried to put my truck in drive, missed it entirely and fell off the bench seat and got stuck under the dash board, I called a cab. Sometimes you just need a really big sign.

With all that said, I bought the Glee Karaoke game for my Wii yesterday. Again, as I type this I feel like I should be embarrassed, but instead I'm highly amused with myself. So much so that I sent a text to the other people at work that I got hooked to Glee. We are so going to have to have a Gleek Karaoke party at my house.

Today though, I am hoarse. Yep, that's right, I sang/talked rhythmically/screeched my voice gone yesterday. I do admit though that I made sure all windows were closed. Just because I'm a Glee insane doesn't mean that I wish pain upon my neighbors. Hell, I didn't even let Bob hear me. Just because I found it fun to let some game console grade me and my non existent singing skills and then tell you all about it, doesn't mean I'm ready to let you all hear me. I wouldn't even play rockband with some friends last year. But if they had glee karaoke, I would have been all over it.

Now that I have you shaking your head and feeling embarrassed for me, I hope you have a good day feeling better about yourself.
Oh yeah buddy, we rock. You hit that note! Yeah!

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