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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Self Infliction

Here I sit, on a beautiful Sunday morning, barely able to move. In fact, even sitting is a bit difficult. My butt even hurts. And before you twisted sorts get the wrong impression, it's all self inflicted running related soreness. I know... don't ever type in 'sore butt' to google. Sick sick bastards out there...

Anyway, I woke feeling not only sore, but incredibly stupid. Here I am, a grown man and can't figure out that not only one day of running Casper mountain, but that two in a row is going to leave me whimpering as I try to get out of bed the next day. You see, I suffer from delayed muscle soreness. Anyone who has it, knows that instead of the typical next day soreness when you arise from your beauty sleep, it typically sets in later that following day as you go about your business, or a whole two days later (there's nothing special about the soreness, just shows up a bit late). I'm the whole two days later kind a guy. Which since this has been a problem since my younger marathon days, you'd think that I would have expected it and maybe not run the mountain the second day in expectation of the next morning's aches and pains. But no... I had my inhaler, my trusty canine running partners, I was going to run it again! Stupid... no two ways about it. Just stupid.

So I'm going to waddle my way through my Sunday, dig my holes for my new shrubs in the front yard, pop my ibuprofen and swear often and fervently that I won't do that to myself again. I know, I don't believe myself either. I hope you all have a great Sunday.

Just leave me here. I'll catch up, I promise.

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