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Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Little Carried Away

That's what I got last night thinking about what time I needed to start my day today, but it's payed off thus far. The kids have been walked in relaxed enjoyable fashion as the full moon sparkled off the river and we watched the morning sky brighten and Cassiopeia fade into the days dawn, and were rewarded with a little meteor shower. It started with just a few small ones then had a larger one flash bright green as it broke up. The flash was bright enough to compete with the moon for casting shadows momentarily. All in all, a wonderful wake up walk.

What got me out so early you may be asking yourself? Well, as usual I've filled up my first day off quite nicely. I tend to do this to myself on a regular basis, but I complicated matters this week because I could have sworn just a day ago that Easter was next weekend. Yeah, some people. But now that I'm set straight I have the next four days jammed packed with projects before having folks over for a nice ham and some fiber time. Because of this; I have kick started my day with an early morning walk with the kids that was perhaps to early. Yes, I said it. I had not only time to do the walk, but also have time to fit in a shower earlier than planned and write a blog post. I guess I got the worm and ate it too.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and a nice Easter weekend with your friends and family.


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