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Friday, February 22, 2013

The White Stuff.

We have actually had two additional snow falls with the remains of the previous still on the ground over the last week or so. It almost feels like winter here in Casper Wyoming. Never mind it will be gone here shortly.

Yesterday we snowed most of the day a light fluffy snow that didn't stick to the bare ground but gave a wonderful feeling of it being winter. The dogs and I went on an early morning walk down at the river.
The geese were foraging in the shallows, the wax wings have been in town for a couple days, and the squirrels seemed glad to tease the dogs from the bushes. I of course had no camera but snapped this one quick with the phone. Shiela as you can see still rambles along with us on many a walk despite the arthritis and age.

After I got home I received a call from one of the rescues here locally that needed to place one of their fosters in a home she couldn't escape from easily. So the Morgan dog is now with us until she's adopted.
We had her with us for about a week before to work on her fear of men. She got over it quick enough. She can still be skittish but she's a sweet little black lab that just needs a home that will love her. She's definitely a pack girl though. She seems to enjoy the company of the other four dogs in the house as much as she does Bob and I's. I would love to see her go into a home with a couple of dogs and maybe even a little kid to attach herself to.

Sorry, all the pictures today are taken with my phone so they are rather crappy and the last one won't pivot as it should despite how many times I try to fix it. Sometimes blogger can just be picky.

Anyway, I better get back to finishing up this pattern for our new beginning knitting class starting next weekend and get to work. I work the lunch shift today and a double tomorrow. The last two nights have been busy as can be, but good nights that leave the feet aching and the mind tired.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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