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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

On the hoof

I feel like the month is flying by. I decided when I was home between the double shifts today to write a quick post. Between walking dogs, teaching knitting and working my scheduled restaurant shifts I seem to have little time for other things these days. This includes blogging or simply reading the blogs I like to follow.

Tomorrow I work my final shift at the hospital. To all that have been waiting for the dirt as to why I resigned from the hospital I hate to report there is little. Mainly I thought it would be horribly inappropriate and unprofessional for me to gripe about it here. In this day in age such a stunt could cost me future positions. In another facet of this topic, I have not ever been nor intend to be a mouthpiece of the hospital for social media of any form and considering my words towards others at the same organization when they have done so, acting as such would smack to loudly of hypocracy in my own ears. On top of this it really just boiled down the the basic fact that my concept of caring for and providing healthcare to the community and county differs greatly from that of the organization and I find myself unable to rectify this disparity or be a part of it.

Now, I will return to my normal stance of not discussing my work on my blog. Some of you may have already noticed that I play it quiet about my professional life on my blog. If you wonder why please see second point made above.

Shaking all that off I hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day and may you all get mind blowing sex for it. Or any good sex will do. And remember in case your thinking of making just any old sex do, "Sex should always be friendly, otherwise it's just mucous membrane friction." Sorry, I do not recall from whom that quote is from and google seems to be suffering some sort of siezure right at the moment.


PS: I had to lighten the mood up and what's lighter and more laughable than sex? Or at least it should be and if it isn't you're either to young to be doing it or doing it wrong.

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