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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A part of the more to come...

And there won't be any new pics taken today because it's raining, it's mucky, and it's kind of cold to boot in the places I tried to go for a hike this morning.

I'm not whining. It is what it is and I'm kind of feeling a bit yucky the last two days and just wasn't up for it. Also, in one of the trailhead lots this morning I stopped my car, went to get out and the car started to slide on the muddy lot and I decided that it so wasn't worth it. Muddy dogs, muddy car, and wet uncomfortable shoes. Some days I'm up for it, somedays I'm just not. Today, I'm not, though I will figure something out for these guys.

How are morning started on the first walk of the day on the day of the hike. Multiple walks? Yep, that's how we roll in this House O'Mutts
So here I am listening to some tunes throwing up pictures from Óengus Og's (let us not discuss how long it took me to learn how to type that with it's correct accent) first real hike, and we should have named him tank because he trucked right along with us the entire time. I'm sure a couple older dogs would have lied him to fall behind. Alas... puppy energy.

Didn't notice until just now, how crooked this one is...
And before someone asks about the ever energetic ones name, read here. Of course I went for the Old Irish spelling. I chose it because the little putz is a complete love when he's not trying to chew on you. Even then he's a love about it. From the moment we met him he was a sweety that really just wants to cuddle most of the time.

Back to the hike.... This is Madison Buffalo Jump State Park. It's a quick drive from our place and typically we're pretty solitary when out there. Mind you, it's not been prime hiking season yet either. My only concern is that it strikes me as pretty good rattlesnake country too when it warms up enough for them to come out. It will probably remain a winter/fall/spring hike for us because of that. We'll stick to the mountains for summer likes where we'll be more likely to find water and cool rather than snakes.

Snakes aren't bad, and those who know me know that I'm not scared of them. What I am scared of is one of my silly dogs getting themselves struck by one. Particularly in the face as I've raised a bunch of nosy little bastards... Okay, only two of them are bastards anymore as we know the youngest twos heritage. How the hell did I, Rescuer of Mutts end up with pure breeds? Life, I tell you.

Óengus Og is an English Shepherd for those who are interested. I know, most aren't but it saves me from having to log on and moderate comments later.

How could I have not fallen for that face? And yes, he's as goofy and fun loving as that face implies, though an absolute joy. He's had some quirks we've had to work through but he's a soft hearted gentle soul so they've been easy to deal with quirks.

Anyway, I need to get to some more things so I'm going to leave the chatty stuff for another time and leave you with these pics. And yes, as you could tell by the last posting, I'm kind of getting over the trying to behave myself with our current administration. I'm still trying to be hopeful and respectful, but it's getting harder by the day.

"Are you guys coming? Sheesh, a bunch of slow pokes..."

"What? I wasn't doing anything... I swear!"

Sorry, I was sweating with the hike up, but the condensation on the lens gave a cool affect. Can you see the little falcon?
A bit closer.

Finally over the lip, and that was a trial finding a spot to get over. Even I can't train dogs to rock climb... At one point I got three of four over but I couldn't get Sullivan up and over with a bum shoulder of my own. You can see Tucks shaved bum form his second knee surgery. His last followup is today. He's doing much better and I think we're going to stop here as we don't want to put him through another, but this is how he earned the nick name, "Half-moon Hound".


Anyone up for some gin?

I'll leave you guys here with some cuteness. It's what keeps kids, pups, and kittens alive through the times you want to strangle them out of sheer exhausted frustration.

He was beat by the time we hit the parking lot, but he doesn't do this after hikes anymore, he's still got get up and go. Dammit.

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  1. Love that new little addition.