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Sunday, April 23, 2017

More to come, but it's been busy around here.

Sorry for the silence. Yes all, we're here, alive, and still working on settling in. Didn't help that we added to the pack. Blogosphere, meet Ă“engus Og. 

Or, for us non Celtic speakers, Angus Og. Really, he just goes by Angus. He's a wee shit of a four month old, but that's how it is. Actually, he's a good boy mostly, just drives you crazy at times like all little boys worth their salt are.

We're still working on settling in here. Figuring out where exactly we want things, what things we don't need, what we need to get for the new place, and how our schedules run. Add to that the needs of a new puppy and I haven't found the time I should to get on here.

On that note, there's not much I'm going to say here tonight. I have things I want to get done yet this Sunday evening. There are more puppy pictures to come too, just not tonight. Tonight is catch up from the last couple months. 

Actually it's mostly from the day that Sullivan and I took as a solo day as the pup wasn't with us yet and Tuck and Emmitt were at the vet getting their dentals done. So we had a good day goofing off before it was time to pick them up and bring them home. 

Frost Flowers

Cold days and surging rivers make for icy conditions. Conditions big dogs don't like walking on.
He tried hard to find ways around
Gotta love those ears!

The actual confluence of the Madison and the Jefferson Rivers. And then there's Sullivan... trying to look presidential. And might I say, doing better than our current one, silly ears and all?

Sullivan looking out over the Gallatin river that merges with the other two a bit downstream to form the Missouri.

Welcome back to the West... The reason the big guy had to pick his way around the ice.

Back in the land of the wily Magpie

That's it guys. I promise, I have more pics to share another time, and I say that meaning soon. Very soon.


  1. Yes, you MAY say, and you'd be right. Glad Sullivan got a solo day before having to put up with a puppy again.