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Thursday, March 22, 2012

He's Still Alive

Neville that is.

In other words, he hasn't been tied in the gunny sack and thrown off the bridge, though he is tempting me again today. Yesterday he was actually a wonderful little dog. Two days and nights of 4 walks including two big off leash(well, as close as he gets to off leash) romps and crate training at night he was quick and responsive to his name, and come, Stay's were getting better and he was in general pretty darn good. He looked at me like I was nuts a couple times when praising him I called him "Good Boy" or "Good Dog". I don't think he's heard such phrases before. But he must have gotten good sleep last night, although I will admit freely that he isn't up to his old self, just a little resistant to commands and seems to have a bit more pep today, but I'll wear him out again. I'm starting to see the attraction to tying his leash to the car mirror and running him down the street while I drive. I wouldn't do it because god know the walking and running isn't hurting me, but I do see the attraction.

Poor Sullivan is just wore out by him, and all the getting after of him that occurs. When he's not hiding behind the couch (It's the only item in the house that's big enough to actually hide him from view), he's laying on it sleeping hard.

And poor him and Smudge can't get hardly any best buddy time in.

Meanwhile I've gotten precious little spinning or knitting time in. I hope to get some in this week and narrow down that dam "To Get Done" list. Thank God he goes home tomorrow! Hope you all get to attack your own lists as desired.

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  1. I'm glad to know that Neville survived...the rreal pity being that all your work on manners, etc. will fly out the window within 24 hours if the owner/human he lives with doesn't carry through. Neville must be a one-of-a-kind if he wears out poor Sully. Have a good one. - Joe