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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Catching Up

The trip to Colorado was wonderful. I got what I needed, plus things I didn't need but just coveted, which in my world makes any trip a success. We had a great time and my friends parents were wonderful hosts. Not only did they let us crash there for the weekend, they watched my other friends kiddo while we shopped, fed us amazing breakfasts and a fantastic roast beef dinner. God Bless Mom's.

So, on that note, I'm making my newest kind of adopted mom a thank you gift.
So soft, so wispy... It's based on a pattern I wrote a couple years ago that was based on a lace pattern that came out of a 1920's knitting publication that a friend had found at an antique shop. Here's the one I made for my birth mother when I wrote the original pattern.

I think it's such an organic looking lace pattern. I never really named the creation I had made before but this new yarn has inspired the name "Kelp Garden" and I plan to purdy this one all up and publish this pattern too. Since I finally got the Braided Kappe done.... 'bout time. Some people, just can't trust them.

As for Wyoming, it snowed and is already warming up and melting it away. But I got myself and the kids out this morning for a good romp in what may be our last snow of the year. Can't waste any of the good white stuff you know. Luckily I have dogs that agree.

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  1. Looking forward to making a scarf like the one you made your mother. Too bad we hear only about bad people on the news - 99.9 % of all people are kind and generous. Glad you had a lovely visit.
    Ron (now in Canada)