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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Bad Friend

I just realized I missed a big event in a friends life today. Not only have I rarely been putting up my blog posts but I've rarely been reading them and I looked right over one that happened a month ago. My friend lost one oh her beloved animals. I know that feeling, that hole in ones life. Friends help fill that void and I fear I didn't. I was completely oblivious to the loss.

For those of you who may have met Rio Catalina, or just know her through my association and references to Betsy's blog, I thought I'd share the news here today of her passing to any who had not been aware of it. (Click here for Betsy's Blog post) She was a wonderful girl. Big, lovable, and a comfort to be around.

I'm so sorry Betsy. For the pain of making such a decision, to the heartbreak of following through, and for that constant hole you feel for so long after saying goodbye to one of our loved ones, no matter who or what they are.


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  1. you are not a bad friend. thanks for the sweet tribute. we are missing our big sweet girl for sure. i know Blossom is bored with just me and the cats. Rio was a presence in our lives, one that will never be replaced.