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Monday, December 21, 2015

Wobbling Towards the Light

I hope you all celebrated the Solstice with a sunbeam to lay in,

Not that we did today. Today it rained. That's right. Rained. Relentlessly. We are going to have another Christmas with a pond in the front yard. But, just like the dark, the rain is needed. As is snow, why can't I have snow?!? Ahhh, perhaps next week. So, today as the earth wobbles on it's axis and starts the long slow tilt back towards the sun with it's northern hemisphere I hope you, like Emmitt there on Sunday, found a touch of warm light to bask in. That't the true meaning of Christmas if you ask me.


  1. Awe!! He looks so comfy!! Merry Christmas my friend!! And THANK YOU for the Christmas card!! Love and miss ya!!

  2. A most happy Solstice and merry Christmas to you and all the gang. I hope it is a grand New Year for all of you. Blessings - joe