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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Post Christmas Wishes

I know, I know... Post Christmas Wishes? What the heck are those? Well, I kind of figured that the most of you were busy yesterday with family. Oh, and playing with your new gadgets and gizmos. Who wants to check out this blog when you have new toys?!?

Actually, I figured that most of you would be knee deep in family stuff. I realize my kids are easy compared to real kids. The Guy walked them in the morning, then we did a mid-day walk before I dove into getting dinner ready.

Meanwhile you with actual little ones are putting things together, finding batteries for such toys, then stepping on toys, nursing hurt feet and feelings due to stepping on toys, and if you have more than one kid, breaking up fights about toys. I know the cycle. And I'm happy it's your cycle and not mine.

See, these guys just needed a walk. Well, a couple of walk but that was it.

Then you had to feed your horde. Mine just require a scoop or two of food and some affection. So I could focus on feeding just the two of us. And it was oh so good.

So, here it is, the 26th and I'm hoping that all of you had a wonderful Christmas. May you be surrounded by those you love and loved in kind. May the family spats been kept to a minimum, or at least been entertaining enough to be turned into a hilarious Christmas tale of family woe. Just remember, someone out there may write a best seller based on your family dysfunction. That means there's always hope that maybe one of the kids will be able to pay for their own therapy.

And lastly, may you have had a white Christmas. We sure didn't. But it was sunny and there wasn't a pond in our foot yard like last year. It's all about the little blessings.

Yes, that's a hand knit star on my tree. Shush it.


  1. Season's Greetings to you all. Sounds as though you had a wonderful Christmas. Oh, and the hand knit star, it's wonderful! Have a great rest of 2015, and a fantastic New Year.

  2. Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Your meals always look so delicious! This is how grown ups eat!! Yum.