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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

And it's done!

I know, a month was a bit of overkill for a single sweater but in reality, it was only about three weeks. You see, I got the actual knitting done the day I returned to work, but I didn't do the seaming until the day after Christmas. Why you may ask? Because I despise sewing in all forms. Quite literally. Just not a fan. My mother did teach me how to sew when I was a kid, and I am able to sew when the need is there, but it lacks any form of enjoyment for me and therefore I do not wish my presence as I seam on my coworkers. So, I finally did the dang sewing, and this is where it lead me.
Whatcha think?

I'm quite proud of the damn thing myself. And now, I am done with the knitting of the poncho shawl, and as soon as it is done blocking and I get that bad boy's seam done, I will have pictures of it as well. I know, you're just waiting with baited breath, aren't you? Self delusion in moderation is really quite good for your mental health I hear. Actually, I am working on writing the pattern out for it. I have the charts for both cables pieces done, but there's those that aren't comfortable with charts so I'm writing out row by row instructions for it as well. Then I plan on writing it to a PDF file and providing it here if anyone is interested in it. Mainly, I'd love to see some other people takes on it since I ran with the basic shape from a pattern that was posted by someone else and did my own thing with the rest. I'm always amazed at a group of knitters creativity.

As for Wyoming, the winter wind that previously teased us with her arrival and gentle blows through our winter scarves, down our necks and past the wind flap of our toughest zippers, has decided to smite us with her gusts that arrived yesterday and done nothing but strengthen in the last day. It has made any outdoor activity such as dog walking somewhat miserable at best with cold deadened skin, to absolutely comical as you try to stay upright in a 55mph gust. If someone had recorded me earlier at the river with the dogs as I was blown across a patch of ice, I would find a way to post it here for your laughs. I know I felt ridiculous as I kept my feet, and I'm sure it looked as equally so.

I hope everyone's Christmas was wonderfully relaxed and you are enjoying a couple days respite before the New Years celebrations begin. Stay Safe Kids.


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  1. Awesome!!!! So beautiful Q - great job. Can hardly wait to see it in person - and hopefully that is sooner rather than later. Happy New Year to you as well.