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Sunday, February 8, 2015

I swear it's not what it looks like

However, If I didn't know that I planted a chestnut, I would swear I'm growing something "more".

I was all excited this last week when the chestnut that I had kind of given up on, decided to finally sprout. Then I forgot about it up in the loom room until I went to water it the other day and took one look at those leaves and said, "WUHT?" I sniffed it gently, then went online to look at chestnuts to realize that yes, they have jagged slender leaves that grow in groups of five. As an adult, it doesn't look near as close as the leaves get very long, but as a young plant, I thought I had accidentally started a cannabis crop though I know the difference between those two seeds. Don't ask, and I won't tell people, but I do. You glean all kinds of information when you date IT dork pot heads... Much of it useful computer stuff to know. Some of it, not normally useful, but hey, I know it was a chestnut seed.

It's been a pretty quiet week with working everyday except today this week. We have had a touch more snow, and I lucked out and got some quick shot this morning of cardinals!

I still hope for better shots, but these are the best so far I think.

To bad these were through either screened windows, or ones glaring so bad I had to chop pieces of it out.

Last ngiht I sat down with the Fox Paws pattern, and did some heavy cussing, tearing back, but it's back on track, and only one more row past where you last saw it so I won't be sharing that with you.

That being all the knitting I did, might be why I feel edgy. Perhaps I needs some sticks and string therapy this afternoon? Yes... But first I must walk the boys again. They'll appreciate it though my stiff sore knees won't.  I'm too young to feel this dang old and creaky, but I do. Yesterday my knees were throbbing bad enough post walk to make me take an Aleve which I rarely do as they're hard on my stomach. I waited until I had a full dinner and I think it helped me sleep the best I have all week.

But enough whining. I did get time to spin this week. I finished up this 100% Polwarth.

I have a local knitting friend that I'm hoping likes it as I spun it thinking I would give it to her for her Christmas 2015 hat knitting projects. She's been looking for self striping yarn, and this is n-pled specifically to self stripe. Fingers crossed, it works for her.

And that's all I got this week guys. Told you, I've been working to much. Wish I could have snapped a picture of the Ring Necked Pheasant that was on the side of the road as I was getting home last night but as soon as it saw me step out of the trees it was off.

If anyone downloaded the Here Be Water Dragons pattern, be aware a major mistake was found this week form rows 63-99. It is now corrected, as well as the patterns pictures were compressed to make a smaller and easier download, and a small formatting error I caught today were corrected.

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  1. That cardinal is a handsome chap. I so admire your spinning skills.