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Sunday, October 4, 2015

So completely lazy of me

This blog post anyway. Well not really because I am not doing a real blog post because I have some socks to get done knitting dang it! But I though complete and utter radio silence was very unfair of me.

So I give you a beautiful picture from APOD of last weeks eclipse, and a video. A video that made me laugh so hard. It's kind of gross, and a very cruel trick to play on your friends, but this is one of those pranks that I think is actually very clever. I get kind of irritated when you see pranks that are meant to hurt someone. I always think, "And this is who you call your friends?" when I see them. But this one, is just funny and though a bit gross for the person who is being pranked, no one is hurt in any way. Just a bit disgusted and pissed until they find out what it all really is.

Now excuse me, I have to go knit. Oh, and don't watch any of the recommended videos it try's two send you to. They really will be gross. Just stop here where it's still mostly funny.

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