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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Were You Thankful?

Because it seems that so much of Thanksgiving has been lost to Christmas "Season" as time moves on. Not just the Black Friday crap that I have always found disgusting, but all of it. It feels that Thanksgiving itself has been lost.

I spent the day in the kitchen for just the two of us. Well, to be honest I spent a couple days in the kitchen. The cranberry relish and a couple of other items such as stuffing were started on Wednesday in preparation for Thursday.

And then there were the dinners prior to Thanksgiving. Such as the Mahi Mahi burgers with a butternut squash sauté and fresh basil and pickled beats. Told you Stephanie, I would appreciate your pickled beats. Just saying, in case you have left over. As for Mahi Mahi burgers, I finally caved and went to the new Trader Joes they opened here in Grand Rapids after I got my car from the body shop this last week. I can say, I will probably go back, just for their very nice produce. And hey, we'll throw it on my "thankful for" list. Because that was a pretty good dinner.

And my favorite way to consume brussel sprouts. Bubble and Squeak! Just ask the guy, bacon grease makes even brussel sprouts edible. I don't need to go that far as I actually like them, but hey, add bacon grease to the list to, because pigs are magic.

And there was also a pie, that I almost forgot about. Don't ask, I thought I'd have time to sit down and spin for a bit. I know, so silly. I forgot to take a picture of the turkey and stuffing because I was to busy stiffing it in my face, and mashed potatoes, well, they just aren't exciting enough to take pictures of. Sorry.

But I did make another batch of cinnamon rolls the weekend before... As usual, they were delicious. Nope, can't send you any, for they are gone. They are a particular favorite of The Guys.

So, let's get back to my Thanksgiving gripe. Not that Christmas isn't wonderful; in its way, but can we not let Christmas stay in it's own little block? Like let's say December. Outside of that month, I really am not interested in hearing anything about it. That's not really true, I would be if it was about the true message of Christmas, but it's not. Let's be honest, Verizon sums up the shear mass consumerism that has eaten up the holidays with their "Thanksgetting" ad campaign. Because that's where we are guys. We wonder whats wrong with our country? It's not Donald Trump, it's that we have a whole section of our country that buy into his rhetoric, and it's the same mindset that looks at these ad campaigns and isn't disgusted by it, but rather excited and waiting in lines on the eve of what should be time spent with those we love to get the best deal on a new television.

All in all, I guess I'm worried. I look around me and I see problem after problem and I'm not seeing a way to fix them. And I'm really not seeing any candidate that I think is truly in touch with the fact we have some real troubles rising up, because they're all more interested in the power struggle and the slogans, and the big money they get to play in while the rest of us see less and less of that money. They don't want to listen to the average citizen, yet they interrupt my time with commercials on the television, on the radio, on the sides of public transit, and then they have a machine or some brainwashed disciple call me at my home because political parties and their affiliates don't have to adhere to the no-call list. Tell you what, the first candidate that backs getting that changed and actually follows through with that campaign promise will  get my vote for re-ellection. Until then, leave me the hell alone on my time unless I tune-in to one of your shams of debates.

Whew, got that off my chest. Okay, enough political talk. As you can see, I'm not going to say who I think will be the best candidate, but you can probably tell who I wouldn't back...

I don't think either of these girls is who I hit. We think these are our twins from last year and we still see them around regularly.

So, I need to wrap this up and get dinner going for tonight. I don't have much else to say so it's going to be mostly pictures. Lot's of pictures. I was playing with the cameras and realized I hadn't posted some shots I got quite some time ago. So, you'll see some green grass and fall colors again, before you'll see snow as I'm going to post them in the order I took them. Oh wait, you'll see green grass again because guess what, what little snow we got last week, is gone. Yay for what they call winter in Michigan.

So, these are the neighbors sheep just to the west of us. I have a funny story about that little white fence you see them in there. A week or so after I got these pictures, I noticed that one of the sheep was stuck in that fence and the rest of them had gotten out. I noticed it was wound pretty tight and I was worried it was in danger of strangulation so I went out the back gate to see if I could get it out before walking over to let them know their sheep were out. The stuck ewe got upset as I got closer (don't worry, I didn't let the boys come out with me), and started to toss about. I stepped on the fence near her head to hold her down, then reached down to grnabthe fence around her head. Surprise! It's an electric fence. I got a good little jolt as my feet were stuck in tennis shoes that were soaked by the morning dew. I did the little dance and hop and when my hands released I had a good laugh. More than anything I was just glad that I hadn't wet myself. As I was walking to the sheep it had dawned on me that being a bit chilly, and now with cold wet feet, I kind of had to pee. So, I gave up on the solo rescue, peed in the trees on the back of the lot quick and walked over to the neighbors to let him know that his sheep were out and one was stuck. In the end, the ewe was fine and they were all rounded up.

Maples! This was as good as our fall color got in our yard.

The snow colder weather has increased our bird feeders traffic. Many of my bird shots aren't great but I like the action in them.

Like this one with the purple finch coming in for a landing and the wing missing a body.

And Sullivan and Tucker still love the snow.

The girls, not so much.

This one would love to go out to the bird feeder for a snack. Can you tell?

And these old bones are appreciating all the heated beds we have around.

Couch buddies!

This is for youJan. I know how much you love your chickadees.

Did you know,

That the best water is sucked out from between cat's toes? Who knew? And no, she doesn't clean up that mess she makes, but then neither do her brothers.

Sunrise last Wednesday as I was heading out for the morning walk with the boys.

Morning traffic?

Most of our snow was gone by Thanksgiving.

Morning Sunshine! Wait, aren't you supposed to be waking us up?

Wednesdays sunset as we're were planting our trees that finally came. You know, the ones The Guy ordered in April? Yeah, those. Fingers crossed they take.

Nothing is as blue as crisp winter morning sky.

I have been trying for over a year to get a snap of one of these guys. This is the best so far. Pileated Woodpecker anyone?

I love listening to them laugh in the woods, and their flight is somewhat humorous to watch too.

Yep, it was chilly, can you tell?

Even now you can find green if you look for it. Left over leaves, and moss that greens up overtime moisture hits the ground, regardless of the temperatures.

And I find the trees beautiful regardless of their foliage or absence of it, especially with morning or evening sun on them.


Not shroom season, so the fungi are a bit sad and droopy here.

Last summers nest.

I take a lot of pictures of things on the ground as I spend a lot of time looking at my feet so I don't trip up.

When I first saw this, I thought to myself, "Look, the tree wet itself!" And had a little giggle about it. Then I thought I'd share but the dark stain isn't as visible here under the fork in the tree as it was in person. I'm assuming that there was snow in the crook there that melted and stained the bark until it dries out.

When we get home the boys always have to sleep off their fun. And a cat nap requires a cat, right?

I like this one in black and white too, though it looks a bit forlorn.

This is another one that I've been trying to get some shots of. Today I got a bit of luck, but I'll keep trying. Jay's I right up there on my list of favorite birds with ravens. Let's face it, I like the corvids.

This was actually a separate bird than the first.

Heading out today to go on a walk with the boys.

We tried a new part of the North Country Trail out of Yankee Springs.

Newer fallen log.

Older almost gone fallen log.

I noticed something in the upper right corner in this shot after I took it.

Another nest from last summer.

We got to the first of the lakes which is a couple miles in before turning around.

Somebody's stash!

I always love seeing the spiral of a trees wood when the logs have decayed enough for the bark to peal away.

See? Oh, and Emmitt's feet. They always mess up the pictures...

Can't you tell? Actually, I think this is my favorite shot of the day.

And we found this as we were walking out, which I find odd that we didn't see it on the way in. Wonder if it fell from a tree where it was eaten. Great Horned Owls like snake, and it;s head was removed which is an owl habit.

An old stump I thought looked neat. Okay Betsy, the next few are for you, there all about the fungi and lichens.

I also really like this shot too.

And all those borns, so I found you all a splash of color.

Because these guys get tired of posing.

Sleep it off E-Man, just not on my pillows you hairy beast.

Okay, some knitting really quick. Made myself a pair of hand warmers, and this week I fixed the goofy thumb issue. so they're about perfect now.

And threw myself on some brainless knitting yesterday. These are bot out of yarns I spun. Yay!

I think that's about all I can fit into one post. I need to get moving on dinner, suns going down and the tummy is grumbling. See you all next month.

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  1. What a grand posting, Q. I love the photos and sharing the bounty of your feasts. Sure miss your pies and the cinnamon rolls are fantastic. Glad to see the youngsters and the Guy are all doing well, as are you. I have to agree about all the political points you make and the condemnation of the consumerism tied into the Christmas season. Take care - Joe