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Saturday, January 23, 2016

I'm here. I swear I'm here.

I promise, I'm around. Just not online. We're good. We weren't slammed by the east coast storm. We still have our inches of snow, not feet. The boys are still silly the girls still laying and the cat; well, she's a cat so crazy as normal.

Been busy due to this little project. Double knitting anyone? This is sort of a gag gift for a friend. Well, her son really. He is a grown man living in New York and can't seem to keep any of the scarves she's knit for him. She swears she just finished the last one she'll knit for him. So this is it's replacement. I blurred out her email address. Sorry... Only the other half to go. He's a Harry Potter fan, can you tell?

Off to work with me. You all have a great day.

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