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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another Breezy Wyoming Day

I enjoyed our recent break from the typical Wyoming winter. It snowed, and I got the kids out to play in it multiple times in the two whole days of it, but alas all good things must come to an end. And by an end, I mean that the wind has returned and is carrying our snow off to Nebraska or other places further afield. If it were a calmer day, it would be downright balmy at 34 degrees this morning while we were on our first walk of the day. Except, it's not calm. In fact, the windchill was somewhere below 10 and made me wish that I too, like the dogs, had a fur coat of my own.

Why am I out in that you may ask? Because regardless of the wind, my boys just don't care. They NEED to get out. In fact, I NEED for them to get out. Or they follow me around the house all day stuck to me like glue, crying, whimpering, and carrying on like damn fools to the point that I yell at them to go away, give me a 3 foot bubble and dammit, I can't put on shoes with a furry butt on my lap, a wet nose stuck through my legs or in my ear, or any of the other multiple ways they find to just be there. Don't get me wrong, I love them, but I thank the heavens I don't ever have to worry about having a clingy toddler of my own. Filicide would seem like such a minor thing I think. God Bless parents everywhere and Thank God I'm not one.

So, now with a walk under our belts the market run done and dogs sacked out in their favorite spots, I get to focus on other things.

Such as finishing the reworking of Bob's sweaters sleeves.

Do you see the difference between the two sleeves? Yeah, I didn't know any better when I made Bob this sweater. It was my second sweater (the first being for me) and I followed that pattern to the T since it was nothing like the raglan I had made mine from. Even though it was made for a 6 foot + giant of a man and Bob and I are both 5 foot 8. The designer even stated that this was her first sweater design ever which should have made me do some thinking, but I held to the belief that if you just keep knitting, it will all be okay. And it was, okay. Just okay.

Really, the only big issue were the sleeves. They're monstrous! Both in length (they grew in blocking) and worse, in width. They're like bell bottom jeans. And poor Bob so proudly wore my work, and just tried rolling those bad boys up. They don't stay put when rolled, they get caught on things like car gear shifts and door knobs and seem to find their way into almost anything your good wool sweater shouldn't like ketchup, oil, and all other manner of things. So as I wrapped up Christmas knitting I decided to pull this bad boy out, rip back the sleeves and re-knit them.

The only problem was, I had absolutely no desire to work on them. There's a reason it took me three years to get this far. This sweater in the end may cause a break up if he thinks I don't care about us as much as I don't care about this sweater. Actually, that's not true. This is a lovely sweater and about as warm as a sweater can get. The cabled rib piles up on itself and holds in so much heat than on cold days you can wear just the sweater and a fleece vest to walk the dogs in and be perfectly comfortable. Honestly, I think a large part of it has to do with the dark gray. My own sweater was a close color match, and then there were the gray socks. I think my eyes are tired of gray at this moment. But as I have over the last week, I'm going to sit down crank on the DVR and hide from the wind with this sweater and finish the damn sleeves. I only have about half a sleeve to go for pity's sake. As you can see in the above picture, one is done, and I over the last two evenings have put a good dent in the second. So fingers crossed, here I go.

And if I'm a good kid and get several repeats done today, I'll reward myself with some spinning. I have a lovely merino silk blend to work on.

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