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Monday, February 6, 2012

I Swear, It's Like Crack...

Spinning that is, and I'm hooked like a decade's old addict. That's right; I'm not dead, just holed up with my spinning wheel and fiber. And yes, I'm even sniffing much of it. Especially the Cheetos yarn that still smells of the orange Kool Aid that I used to dye it with, but more on that later.

Mainly, I've been exhausted. I don't know if it's age or what but night shifts seem to be wearing on me greatly as of late. I have been having trouble flipping back and forth and seem to just feel run down in general at all times. Of course, it may not be nights at all, just the aftermath of a three week long cold then a flu like sickness three days after getting over the cold. I may have just drained my reserves. But it's been bad enough that I've toyed with the idea of going back to days... Eeek! If only Publisher's Clearing House would come ring my bell. I could really use that million a year for life. But hey, most of us could, no?

I've found in my dreary exhaustion, I've been craving comfort food. maybe I've just been craving cooking this cuisine. I seem to be finding great joy in the cooking of dishes such as the chicken and dumplings I made us the other evening.

In fact, I even had a second annual Superbowl party which was mainly just an excuse to cook such things as Teriyaki Beef Sandwiches, Lil'Smokies in BBQ sauce, and a batch of brownies. Truly, such a gathering in our house is just to have a small gathering of people that I can cook for because I don't give a hoot about football. In fact I don't follow any sport. I have basic moral issues regarding paying a bunch of adults to chase balls across a field millions of dollars and dumping tax payer money into assuring that these said millionaires have all the highest tech stadiums and play stuff while these same cities are plagued with ugly crime rates and too few police officers and over taxed public school and social service systems. Personally, I think they should disband the NBA, NFL, NHL and put all those dollars where they belong... Raising our next generation in a safe as possible environment with the best possible education. But enough of that soapbox. So sorry, I got side tracked.

So instead of discussing society at large's misappropriation of financial and time resources, let's discuss my own.

This was my first attempt at spinning from a Batt.
 I have to admit, it wasn't my favorite spinning experience. There were wads of wierd kinky fibers that just didn't want to play nicely and the color. Oh my, the color.

Let's just say I'm not a teal fan and that was not the color that the picture of this particular batch made me think of. But now I know. I won't be buying any more Hanks in the Hood Trillium Lakes. Though I may try some of their other products. Does it make anyone else think of the yarn that they use for some of the Navajo rugs? Maybe it's just me. I imagine I will return to batts at some point when I have more practice, but it's probably going to be a bit.

Then, there's the Cheetos yarn. Yes, Cheetos.

This didn't quite come out the color I wanted. I should have added some red to it to darken it up. But my nephew will love it I think. You see, he's color blind in both the green/blue and red/yellow spectrum and orange is the only color he sees. Everything else, is a shade of grey. So anytime I find something in orange I think he'll like, I buy it.

I call this Cheeto's yarn because the yarn absorbed the yellow dye I added to the pot as a background to the basic fiber hue, and then absorbed the orange on top of it and looks like bleeping fake cheddar powder covered Cheetos. Better yet, it still smells of the orange Kool Aid that I used to dye it. Mmmmm... *blurgh*

So, I'm not dead. Just playing with the wheel. I'm going to have to take a break here soon to stain and seal the wheel with the teak wax finish I bought for it. And I love the new Niddy Noddy! It makes measuring skein lengths so much easier.

And the poor dogs are feeling neglected, but worry not, they are still getting their full quota of walks, no matter the feigned  distress.


  1. I'm on a diet right now and I think I gained 2 pounds looking at your chicken and dumplings. Enjoy reading about your spinning adventures.
    Ron in Mexico

  2. Great post. Glad the Cheetos yarn will find a home. Here's hoping the same for the teal blue stuff. Hope you are feeling better; I think the physical drain of the longterm cold and flu are the main culprits. Take care - Joe