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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Forgotten Emails and Fond Memories

I was cleaning out a Yahoo Account of an accumulation of old emails and stumbled across some old cell phone photos that made me sigh and smile as I remember the 120 pound house pony (indoor pinto) of just a year and a half ago. They made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside I just had to share.

This was his furry little butts first night home adding to our menagerie. If we only knew...
 Here we were just getting home from his first vet visit due to a GI infection and subsequent dehydration. This would have been his 3rd day home had he not spent it all day at the vet getting IV fluids and anti-emetic drugs. This officially put his price over $1500. He has since cost me near $5000 in vet bills. He's so lucky he's such a lovable big ol' soul.

And then there's now...

And we can never forget his best friend and play buddy, The Smudge. God bless her furry little soul for keeping him entertained and in all sorts of trouble.

Everyday these critters remind me to slow down, rub a butt and don't forget to let everyone k ow I'm not to busy to show a little affection. That's only one of the gifts my animals give back.


  1. Wow, I forgot just how tiny the big dickens was. Still, he just keeps growing into more to love. Now, if he'd just stop grumbling at me. - Joe

  2. Golly, he is a beautiful dog and it is evident he is full of personality. I think he knows he is lucky to have you.