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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Meet Neville

Isn't he cute? It's good that he's cute, because he's insane. Not insane as in he'll trip you up and eat your heart out as you thrash to get free of the leash. It's that, I'm a puppy and the world is an amazing place and I have sniff, chew or play with EVERYTHING kind of insane. And although it can be downright amusing to watch him explore his world, he also makes you want to throttle that darling little neck of his until his eyes go buggy and he goes limp, even if only for a few heart beats.

Neville is an older (I hate to say old, although she is up there in age she in my mind is quiet young) friend of mine's newest hand-me-down dog. You see, my truly sweet friend never intentionally goes out looking for an animal, but she always seems to inherit a troublesome critter somehow. Since I've known her she has had 2 cats that have now departed to kitty heaven, an ancient schipperke that has had both eyes removed due to infection yet rules the house, a neurotic yet sweet schnauzer that is as crazy as she is cute, and now Neville. Not a one has she purchased or adopted of her own accord. God Bless Her...

This dashing young lad is a 5 month old Decker Terrier. A What? I hear you ask. A Decker terrier. From what I have been able to find, that is basically a giant rat terrier hybrid. He actually makes me think of a kelpie in many of his mannerisms.

Yesterday we began the process at the request of my friend of finding out where we were in the world of training this fella. And we're at ground zero let me tell you. My God does this little monster have spunk and attitude to spare. But, by the end of today which was him and his new Mom's first true lesson day we had this little bugger healing, sitting on command and waiting with his butt on the ground (that was the biggest challenge) for a treat, and settling (belly to the floor) and the beginning's of the "leave it" command started. As I was giving homework assignments for the next two weeks, he crashed in the dining room and had to be bodily moved from the walk way. All in all, there's hope out there for young master Neville.

With that, anther training session, and seeing the sunrise with my own kids on our morning walk and then our before dinner walk, I think I may have blisters. I should by one of those pedometers for days like this just to see how far I end up going. So now I sit here in my chair as I tell you of my day with a fire in the hearth and awaiting the forecasted snow.
The Grand Dame is in her spot.
The boys have been run ragged, or so they will tell you for the next hour or so. I only wish I recharged that fast.
And we are all being regally ignored in style. And I think they're all tired of me playing with the camera, but darn they're getting good at staying when told so I can set up the picture in the dim living room light.

The last couple morning's here have been absolutely beautiful. Yesterday we even saw the muskrat on the river but of course, I didn't have my camera. I took it in hopes of a second siting this morning, but no luck. The sky and waterfowl were abundantly available for photographs.
One of these kids is not like the other ones
I found it someone humorous that as I was setting up the last of these photos, I failed to notice the owl in the tree in the background until after I had taken the shot. When I tried to get closer though he decided he'd had enough of my nosing around and took to the wing. I also had dismal luck trying to get good pictures of the golden eyes. They are just to skittish in comparison to the geese and I didn't have a big enough lens for their comfort distance. Maybe tomorrow if the snow never amounts to much.

I hope you all have a good night. I'm off to find myself some dinner and find interesting ways to stay awake. Hopefully the dogs don't get to disgruntled with the flash.

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