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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Plying Troubled Waters

Well, just plying troubles... I need help, so any spinners out there feel free to share insights. I know a lot of it has to do with experience which I don't have. Yesterday I finished spinning up the "Tye-Dye" fiber and tried plying. Yep, that's right, I tried.

I know part of my trouble may be due to the bit of felting this roving had done in the dying process, but I truly doubt it. Mainly as I began plying I had trouble with the pre-spun fiber just shredding apart in places. Very frustrating as I tried to reconnect the torn fibers and continue. In my frustration I started treading the wheel faster and faster and I found that it actually helped keep my plying a little more firm.

So I tried once more. I took the last of my bare roving, broke it up and spun it up as consistently firm as I can manage... again, I know my consistency will get better with more time and practice. Well, I hope it will. Though, I was fairly happy with the end results.

It was probably the most consistent and high quality spinning I've done to date.
Then this morning after much balking, I decided to try plying once again. Mainly I was afraid of ruining the best spinning experience I have had thus far. But, I bucked up and got to it.
I know this shouldn't surprise me, but my plying with more consistently spun fiber gave me more consistent plying results. Still, not the quality I want, but it was better. I'm hoping I'm getting better. I didn't shred wither of my bobbins once and ended up the nicest yet of my skeins.

And there wasn't ANY cussing! I swear! The poor dogs didn't have to run for cover once! And the guy didn't make snide comments regarding relaxing past times.
Not that the cat ever worries much over my outbursts. Or much of anything for that matter.
It still has it's trouble spots and I would appreciate any tips. In fact I plan on contacting a local who offered me assistance here to at least watch her technique and see what I can glean from her.

As for the household illnesses, Sullivan seems a bit perkier this morning, but still hacking now and then and not quite back to normal.

And last nights dinner was quite delicious. I'm looking forward to my leftovers for lunch.


  1. Sullivan looks to be "faking" it a bit. At least milking it for all he can get. Wish I could help you with the plying but my spinning knowledge is about where you are. Dinner/lunch looks wonderful!

  2. Can't help you with the spinning and obviously you don't need advice on pie crusts - yummmmmmmmy
    Ron in Mexico