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Thursday, January 19, 2012

A New Year, an Old Resolution

Last year I was asked if I could provide some knitted baby hats to one of the county hospitals in our area. I gladly said yes and dug through my stash to find baby hat acceptable remnant yarn and got to work with the goal of 5 hats a month. Well, I didn't hold up to that goal when push came to shove over holiday knitting time. Sorry, family and friends won out. But this month I decided to readdress my missing charity knitting time and pumped these ones out for the month of January.

I'm really quite happy with them. The yarn is left over from a knit picks kit that I purchased. It was for the tiddlywinks jacket and sweater. I really liked the jacket but could care less about the sweater so I used my remaining yarn for the hats. The jacket is for a soon to arrive nephew of my partners. The yarn is the same companies Comfy Fingering which is a 75% Pima Cotton and 25% Acrylic blend which is very nice once knit up. It makes a wonderfully soft product for baby skin.

As per my usual, the hats follow no particular design or pattern other than that which I can dream up as I knit. I just have a "grapefruit" sized head in mind as I find gauge, cast on, and go from there. Some are more successful than others, but each is unique. And I never fail to find a new way to do something. I just discovered with this batch a new way to do my decreases that I like the look of better.
It's nothing amazing, just a little something different that my K2tog decrease that I think gives the crown a little nicer finished look. But I find often on these projects that you know well and feel comfortable playing with that you find your favorite ways to do things.

So, with the new year, I'm going to once again strive to get a little more knitting done for others. Well, I regularly knit for others, but I'm going to focus on little ones that require a little extra warmth. And maybe, just maybe, some new parents may appreciate the work that went into a hat for their little ones baby memories.

How about you guys? Do you do any charity knitting and if so, please share.

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