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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ribbons, The Tour, But Not Related

First let us discuss the ribbons. Do you remember this?
If you do recall this, you may recall that I put it in the County Fair. Well, today I went to confirm this.
That's right. I got a blue and a purple ribbon. I know little of these things but I do know that the blue ribbon is good. No idea what the purple means.

The Tour is half over. We at the Wyoming Handspinners Team have had our first prize for the half way mark. Shatki won herself a bag of goodies.
Seriously, a bag, and goodies. One of our other spinners donated her time, energy, and materials to sew a project bag, a WPI tool, and a set of markers. Another spinner and myself donated fiber from our own "yet-to-be yarn" stashes.
I hope she likes it. We still have an end of it all drawing to throw in the pot.

I myself got very little spinning done today but I did wake up at an hour we shall not speak of and was unable to go back to sleep so I finished up this stuff.
I ended up with about 190 yards of a heavy worsted/Aran weight 4 ply.
Which is one of the bulkier yarns I have managed thus far.
It is a chain ply of 8 oz's total made up of 2 bfl green singles and 2 brown texel roving singles.
Both were lovely to work with.
Chain ply simply means I plyed to batches of two ply that were as above, a brown and a green, then plyed the two 2 plys together.
Not nearly as fancy as the name sounds, and resulting far less arn than a few days of solid spinning time should equal.

Then I washed it, shocked it with several dunks in alternating hot and cold baths, and beat the crap out of it on the front stoop to full it a bit and make those separate ply's stick together. I think it worked. Even if it shrank. And beating yarn on a cement stoop at 80 degrees in the morning, dries your yarn out really quickly. Just FYI in case you need to dry yarn quickly in the future... You never know.

Well, I finally got the scared foster dog to calm down so off to bed with me. Have a great one guys.

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