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Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 3, and those needed 12 steps.

I got the third single done of this crepe yarn I'm working on for the tour. I have wiped out to braids of yarn for a total of 8 oz of Corriedale fiber in three days.
Now I need to dig into plying it. Yay! *Blurgh*
I'm already tired of pink. Surprise!
But while I was in the garden this morning, I snapped some other pictures as well. The purple Clematis has decided to bloom at last. I think I will get quite a lot of blooms off of these two in fact.
And the ornamental pepper I placed on the stoop for some added greenery has decided to surprise us with some additional colors.
As for tomorrow, I have a very narrow window of spinning time so I am going to go set up the two bobbins for tomorrow and bead the singles before I crash. It has been a bit hot here and I think it has kept me from sleeping very well. I'm beat tonight and the bed keeps calling my name so I better hop to.

Oh, and I will try to stop posting when I'm beat so that I don't catch that the combination of my own horrible spelling and spell check is murdering my posts. Sorry about that crap yesterday. I caught some of it tonight. Yikes!

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