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Sunday, June 30, 2013

2 a Day

I am actually going to push out a second real post for the day. Mainly because this morning was a cheaters post. It had no real content and two, I have the time before I crash tonight.

So, the Tour. It is fully up and going at this point. I am still as excited about this as I was before it started. So excited even that I started right in on the spinning project I had intended to use as a challenge day spin. Oh well, I'll get my challenge in a bit early.

Yesterday we had a lovely pot luck lunch and spinning fest in the back yard. I showed you the collage of photos but here they are a little better than that.
Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and get some fiber time in. As you can see, I have some lovely pink fiber. Pink... Maybe that's why I am in a hurry to get it done? Yes, I did leave out peoples faces. I don't like my own picture taken so I try to leave others out of pictures, especially if I plan on sharing it on the internet.
When all was said and done I was able to wrap up the 2.67oz of my first single. Today I wrapped up the second 2.67 oz's and prepped the fiber for tomorrow.
I won't have a lot of time tomorrow morning between walking kids and getting ready to go to work, but I hope to dive into that third single. It must be spun the opposite way than the other two. I am making a three ply crepe yarn like this one I shared before.
But it will have these beads on one of the central ply's.
I'm hoping it will be as pretty as I hope because it's already promised to someone; and let's face it, by the time I get it done the pink will be making me nauseas.

While perusing the daily threads, I had a couple of insights. The first being that I am very jealous of other spinners wooly winders. I didn't think I really wanted one before, but the more I seem them on the forums for the Tour, the more I want one.

The other little epiphany I had was that possibly some of us here in Casper have a little problem. Like, maybe needing a 12 step program problem. As I was reading forums and seeing other peoples goals, I was amazed at some of them saying their goal for a 3 week tour was to finish an entire 4oz braid. Obviously, some of us have already ripped through that much in 2 days, plus some and will have several braids under our belt by the time our 3 weeks are up. Oh well, I can think of worse things for us to be blowing our money on than wool and other delicious fibers.

Being that I in two days have polished off more than 5 oz of fiber, my fingers were hurting a bit tonight when I got home from work so I dove into finishing my short socks up.
Aren't they nice?
I now have short socks to wear out and about that I made myself. Especially for when I am spinning on the wheel in public. I always wear socks while spinning because my feet seem to stain my treadles and I have ugly climbers feet. They're kind of like dancers feet, they show the abuse of broken toes, cramming them into both small climbing shoes and cracks in the wall. In other words, they're ugly and I don't tend to show them off. I have some more sock yarn that I may ball up and throw in my bag to cast on another set. When I finally got these kids going they were a fast knit. It's amazing that I tore out something that had been on the needles since February, and then polished them off in a week. Well, it is to me. I am not necessarily a fan of knitting socks (I don't mind it like I once did anyway), but I am a fan of wearing my own hand knit socks.

Okay, off to bed with me. I hope you all have a great beginning of your week.


  1. those colours are so pretty...nothing wrong with pink!! haha!

  2. Great looking wool and socks, Q. I think you may be right about a 12 Step program...even though I definitely do not need one. Then, again, you don't either. Thanks for a lovely Saturday afternoon hosting our little kick off party. It was great fun. _ Joe

  3. I know it's pink, and I generally don't like pink, but thats some beautiful stuff!

    Love the socks! Tempting me to whip some out myself...