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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Saturday's Drive

After popping in to a family event, we decided to "decompress" by taking the dogs for a ride. We headed to the north west to the southern bighorns out near the red wall.
It was a pretty day and still a little cool with the breeze up on at elevation.
The bright red of the chugwater formation is always pretty when up against the green of the spring fields.
I was tired and napped for several sections of the drive but it was bumpy enough that I was kept somewhat awake. I crashed when we got home since I was sapped from the weeks fun.
It was surprisingly wet in a few sections still though there is not near enough snow pack still left for 8000+ feet of elevation and the very beginning of summer.
I was too busy taking pictures of these beautiful lime stone formations with their vibrant lichens to notice the dogs paying so much attention to a hole in the wall. When I finally clued in I realized it was most likely a bears winter den. I wasn't wanting to figure out if it was still occupied so I got the kids back away from it before walking the stream a bit.
Just a little snow left...
This is the last picture because I slept most of the way home from here.

Alas, it's time for bed again. I played with some spinning after the night walk with the dogs, bats, and pesky mosquitos. I have two of the four required singles spun and a good start on the 3rd. Maybe by the end of next weekend and I will have pictures of a finished cable ply 4 ply yarn. Probably not but it's good to dream, no?

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