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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I Did It

I took the Autumn Leaves Stole to the fairgrounds today after walking the kids at the river. I was amazed with how nervous I was to leave it there. As nervous as I have been to mail projects to friends and family as gifts. The USPS, has in the past lost some of my knitted gifts. We'll see how they like it.

Something else I did that I think I have neglected to mention here is join the Tour de Fleece. At least I believe I have neglected to mention it here. Forgive me if I have, please? Now, I'm sure some of you are thinking the Tour da wha? The Tour de Fleece. It's a spinning thing, and by spinning I don't mean aerobic stationary bike classes at the local YMCA. No, as in spinning one's own yarn. For every day that the boy's in France on the actual Tour de France, spinners across the globe join them spinning on their wheels, spindles, or whatever yarn creating devices they use. You can find details here if you are a spinner, Ravelry member, and interested.

Then, being my first year to do this, I decided to start a Team Wyoming (I suddenly feel like I have blogged about this...), and now am a captain of a team my rookie year. We're a small group thus far so I believe that won't be too much for me. Perhaps next year someone else can take over the role of team captain.
Why I am blogging about all this I don't really know, other than it has to do with yarn. Well, in the end you hope it has to do with yarn, though I have had some things come off the wheel that I would be pushing the envelope to call yarn. As many of you have noticed, I often discuss yarn here, so I guess that is why I am stating this. And to give everyone a heads up that I may be a rare poster during this time. I hope to be spinning away for over 3 weeks and producing some lovely stuff. I have emptied most of my bobbins in an attempt to prepare for this event. I got the Autumn Leaves Stole done and off the needles and am trying to crank out a pair of socks to get all knitted items done, off the needles, and my time freed up for spinning.
On the note of empty bobbins, I finished up the camel and silk that a friend brought back from the Estes Park Wool Market for me last night. I let it sit for a bit before skeining her up, washing her and hanging for a bit of a dry. For the amount of twist I put in her I'm surprised how balanced the yarn seems at it hangs. It has a wonderful luster and so soft, though it is not very bouncy. It is a simple two ply yarn, and I promise pictures and a final gauge when she is all dry. I can tell you now that the 3.4 ounces I got of fiber gave me about 220 yards and is probably somewhere near a DK weight.

That leaves bobbins free for these projects...

 I have beads planned for this one... And then it's already promised to someone. This picture like the one when I bought it makes it look darker than it is. It's really rather pink...

 Can you get a sense of who I order from a lot?

And I might have a thing for green...
And this is 2 full ounces of undyed silk hankies. This is a last project since it will be very time sapping and I need to decide on how to dye it, no? I'm thinking some long color runs.

All right everybody. Hope you have a great one. I need to get cleaned up, feed the dogs and head to work. Talk to you later. Well... at you anyway.

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  1. all the best at the fair. plucked quivet (spelled wrong) from the brush in nome. not enough for anything i'm sure and it stinks like crazy...could u use it for any of your projects?