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Friday, November 29, 2013

Well Now

After catching up on some blogs that I follow, I feel as though I have even less reason to not have posted recently. I have no excuse other than just not making the time. As usual, life fills up the time one has with the real priorities, over the things one tries to make their priority. So, the blog fell once again to the back burner.

We have been busy. Even now I am sitting here playing with photos and a way to present it all to you in a logical way and realize I have neglected to call my Mom to wish her a happy thanksgiving. Another item to throw on the list. I better get to it.

Remember this guy?
This isn't Sullivan, but the foster dog Dooley. I know, it's a crappy picture but he was always on the move and I was always making the poor abused boy nervous when the camera came out.
Here's another equally bad shot but you can see how skinny he is. He makes Sullivan look a little heftier than he is.
Well, this sweety found a new forever home.
Dooley and I never really bonded, but I am happy to hear that he is doing well with his new family (That's them in another equally bad shot above). He has done some counter raiding, but what can one expect from a starved giant of a dog?
As you can see, he found the Guy a more comforting present than myself. But then being the one that got to feed him most days, that makes sense. I on the other hand took him to the vet to get neutered, had to "cone of shame" his licking self before leaving for work, and constantly pushed the limits to assure we would not have another fear biter before giving him a green light to go to a new home.
That alone is a fuzzy enough feeling rather than getting to cuddle much with this one. I have my own cuddlers for that after all. Here you can see them resting while I create our Thanksgiving feast for the day.
And then there's our "special one".
I know, I hear you thinking, "But yesterday was Thanksgiving..." And it was. I was nicely surprised to find that I did not have to work for it so I volunteered the Guy and I to serve a free Thanksgiving feast to those that needed it. It was great fun. A long but joyful day. After which we went to see "The Book Thief" with friends. It's a good flick but we got home just in time to go to bed.
Then this morning I got a little time to spin before digging in to work on our holiday meal. I hope to find a bit more time to spin today and throughout the weekend. If I don't, I do have to scratch out some additional time to bake.

These were the rolls I baked for todays dinner. They came out lovely and lofty. I don't know what happened to the one in the upper right hand corner, but it tasted lovely though a little bit ugly.

I figure you can tell they are homemade by the amount of variation in my hand rolling of them. If they all look the same you know they cane out of a machine.
The rest of the dinner including the turkey, stuffing, herbed mashed potatoes and fresh green beans with almonds was lovely. I'm sure the Guy would have preferred a little less vegetables, but hey, I have to have some green to go with my meat and potatoes.

Other than that we have just been busy with life. We still don't know what the future holds for the Guy's job, so we have been just kind of in a waiting pattern. The kids had their photos last week for the holidays and I volunteered an afternoon there too to assist Black Dog Animal Rescue in another fundraiser. That is also one of the rescues we foster for frequently.
I have done some more spinning, little knitting and no weaving. Again, it's all a time suck.
I tried adding some sparkly nylon to the final ply that I currently have resting on the bobbins before making it a three ply yarn.
I only did about a 100 yards because I didn't like how it made the ply feel. We'll see what it does to the finished yarn. I have plenty more of it if I like it.

Anyway, I better go help finish up dishes and call my Mom. Hope you all have a good rest of your weekends.



  1. Glad you had a great 2-day Thanksgiving. Also that Dooley found a new home with loving people. He definitely is a sweetie and deserves it. Take care - Joe

  2. So happy to hear that sweet Dooley has a new home. Sounds like your Thanksgiving was a perfect blend of good food, good feelings, lotsa (totally a word) cooking and a tiny bit of rest. See you next weekend!

  3. dinner looked tasty...loved all the pictures of life at your end.