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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sore Fingers

I guess I over did the spinning yesterday in my efforts to sit back and just relax about it all. I am taking a bit of a break and just checking in while listening to our regular Saturday morning NPR shows.
I have dug into the blue merino/silk/bamboo mix whole heartedly. It was special order from Huckleberry Knits, and as usual when it first showed up I thought, "Well, that isn't quite the color I wanted." And as usual, I was wrong.
I will never be a dyer and know the hue magics. Because as I've spun it, I have realized that once again Scarlett nailed what I wanted. As you can kind of see from the above picture, as you spin your fiber color darkens and get's richer in it's color. I ended up with the very color I wanted. You can see the variation in the blue from a corn flower to a steel blue and it is EXACTLY what I was wanting. And the fiber itself? It is a dream. I am spinning it down very fine. How fine? It is easily holding up at 60wraps per inch.
Now, like Smudge here, most people don't know what the heck that means. So, let me tell you. I have a little tool that I use to find out the actual diameter or my yarn, or more appropriately, how many times I can warp the thread of the yarn around the tool in a given inch. And the answer is... 60. And yes, that is actually as small as it sounds.
There are some issues with spinning so small. One, it takes forever. Which I don't mind, I love the act of spinning. Two, it's fine enough that the area of my finger the spun thread runs across, gets sore. That can be an irritation. Thirdly, the fiber often breaks when spun this small. Or at least that has been my experience before. However, the added strength of the bamboo and silk content has been making accidental breakages almost nonexistent in this yarn. Seriously. It has been spinning up like a dream. Scarlett has once again provided me with a superior product for me to play with and it has been lovely to work with.
Unfortunately for my kids, this time suck of a project leaves them absolutely bored with me as you can see.
I think I caught their excitement level with my project well, don't you?
I think this was my favorite. He looks disgusted with me.
Actually, they still got their walks in. They had a morning walk when we got up. The midmorning walk after I dropped my car off for its fall oil change. And then a post dinner walk while The Guy did dishes. So they have not been neglected. I promise. They are just having an afternoon nap while I spin.
Then The Guy came home from the gym while I was trying to get a shot of Emmitt and Sullivan cuddling. Ruined the entire cuteness of my shot. Oh well.

Anyway, I got my spinning in this morning but the left hand let me know it was about done with the abuse so I thought I would come say hello over here before continuing with the day. It is a beautiful cool autumn morning that I will share pictures of as soon as possible (they are on a different camera). I forgot a camera when I ran out to look for the massive flock of geese I could hear flying over. It was possibly one of the largest flocks I have ever seen numbering a couple hundred. Absolutely beautiful in the early morning sun.
We had the joy of Great Harvest Bread Company finally having their grand open yesterday. Of course we could not resist partaking. And let me tell, you, that blueberry cream cheese scone in the middle... delicious. And i don't care for cream cheese. I can't wait to dig into the pumpkin bread to the right. Hope you have one of these locally for your own carb fix.

Have a great weekend guys. And for the local readers that are fiber enthusiast, if you haven't gone over to Ravelry to see the news, next Saturday at one o'clock, I am hosting a fiber gathering. I will be cooking lasagna and baking bread. Bring a side dish and your fiber craft of your choice (spinning, knitting, crochet, felting, it's all welcome) and join the fun. It's the first official gathering of the Wyoming Fiber Skeinks. If you're interested and don't know my address, shoot me an email. I won't post that here guys. Sorry.


  1. You sound great. Glad you're feeling better. All the best with the lasagna and the bread and the first official gathering of the Wyoming Fiber Skeinks. Tom (from MWK)

  2. Thank you very much. Unsure which Tom, but if you're ever in the ares, let the Skeinks know.

  3. loved the dog pictures...they really know how to sleep well. that bread does look great...i may have to stop by there after our walk today.

  4. I'm a new follower after seeing your post on the HansenCrafts "new owners" forum, looking at your Rav profile, then following the link to your blog. Looks like a beautiful area in which to live, but I don't like near-constant wind, either – and am very happy here in "Eden at the end of the Trail" (what the pioneers called the Willamette Valley of Oregon after arriving in their covered wagons).

  5. So very glad to see you are feeling better!

  6. Love the photos of the kids and that new yarn is gorgeous. Planning to be there Saturday but not certain what I'll bring to share. Maybe some apples in honor of the Fall harvest. We'll see. - Joe

  7. Looking forward to petting your new yarn! See you Saturday!