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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Checking In

No photos today, again. So sorry. Actually, let me go grab one quick of what I've been using to de-stress with.
Okay, back. As you can see I've spun a little. I finished up that larger bobbin on the lower left and it is now in it's rest state until I n-ply it later in the week. The smaller bobbin in the upper rights is the merino/silk/bamboo mix I started last night in a continued effort to be quiet and relaxed. I am spinning it quite small for a finished three ply. I'm hoping to weave with it. And, I figured out I need to wander away from the blues for a while.

So, what I really came here to say... I went to the Doctor, and there really was something wrong. Not major anymore since it appears that I am already in the recovery state, but I am still working hard at feeling better. I managed to get viral meningitis. No idea how. As I've thought about it I realized that my neck pain that I was experiencing a couple three weeks back was probably an early sign that something was wrong. Instead I had to wait for the passing out and fainting to get the clue.  Anyway, Just wanted to share that with you all. For anyone that is worried, it is not near as severe as bacterial meningitis and rather difficult to contract. Yes I managed it, now will Publisher Clearing House knock on my dang door! I could use it to pay off some bills!

Anyway, hope you all have a good night. I just wanted to let you all know how I was doing after that last post. I will slowly bring the anxiety level back down. Now, I'm going to go offer the dogs another walk before spinning for a bit again before bed. I have a 12hr workday tomorrow. And on that note, Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween and I didn't even buy a pumpkin for a single jack o'lantern. What does that tell you of my mind set as of late?



  1. Glad to read you're on the mend. It's always good to see a blog entry of fiber or dogs or whatever you're up to.

  2. frightening...happy to hear you are feeling a bit better and at least know what you are dealing with.

  3. Holy Smokes! Hope you recover fully SOON!

  4. Well my friend, seem we both have some rough weeks!! I too am slowly getting better recovering from bronchitis/pneumonia, It is definitely not fun!!

  5. Thank all the good things in the universe you are healing and now know what's been going on. No wonder your body was so overwrought. Glad to know that you are recovering and doing better. Take care. - Joe